Nurture Soap Reviews

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Love this red

Nice intense red. A true red color in cp.

Love this color

I love this color! It is nice and bright. A little goes a long way.

Love This Copper

I bought this to replace a copper from another supplier and it doesn't disappoint! Perfect in CP soap!

The Brown I was Looking For!

Works beautifully in CP soap and gives that chocolate brown I was looking for!

So Glad I Found This Red!!

Perfect red in CP and you don't have to use a ton!!

Perfect Orange

if you're on the fence, just buy it. This is the orange you've been looking for!! Perfect in CP soap!


Gives me a nice bright yellow in my CP soap!

Love it!!

My best blue for CP soap!


Synergy is my all time favorite mica from Nurture! I discovered it when Teal Vibrance was discontinued. Perfect in CP soap!

Pretty Blue

Such a pretty blue in CP soap!

My Go-To Green

This green is perfect and highly customizable when blending your own shades. I've been using this for years in CP soap!

My Favorite Purple

I've been using this purple for years and it's my favorite for CP soap!

Perfect Pink!

Perfect pink in cold process soap!

Subtle but good.

I wasn't a fan when I first opened the bottle. I could barely smell anything and for a year I didn't use it. Fast forward to now. I recently used it and actually quite liked it. Lemongrass is definitely the star of the show with some spicyness going on in the background. I think i'd reserve this smell for specialty bars or anything that you want to have a more mature and serious presentation.

Wasn't a fan.

Smelled like a teenage boys cologne to me.

Always a reorder

I love this one! Spot on as a dupe for Honey I Washed The Kids

Sweet and pretty

A lighter fragrance but it smells soooooo good


I think I’ll be bold enough to say this is my top favorite! I can never stop smelling my bars 😂


This scent sells out every time! Sweet yet tart with a mix of floral undertones

One of my favs

I love using this one when I want soft, muted pinks


A sweet , herbal scent that goes amazingly in tea soaps

Great for beginners

This is a wonderful mold for beginners or those interested in making smaller batches. The silicone liner easily separates from the soap when ready to unmold.

Rosemary Mint Fragrance Oil
Indiana Soap Company
I love this fragrance

It smells amazing right out of the bottle and in my CP soap. Super easy to soap with, no acceleration. It sell pretty well too!

The only red I will buy!

This is the best real red I have found! It's quite literally perfect!

Shipping Protection
Kyera Belton
This Fragrance smells so good

Smells just like the real thing