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awesome fragrance

Will definitely order again, behaves well and smells terrific


This color is stunning. So far I have used it in my lipstick formula and it mixed well with my homemade base! I made a nude lipstick and just adding a little bit or red 27 - it gave it that pinkish hue it needed!

Exactly what I needed

So far I have used this in my nude lipstick formula and it works so well! It mixed well with my base and does exactly what it needs to!


This pigment exceeded my expectation when it arrived. It is seriously so vibrant and beautiful (I make cosmetics) You get so much product, so it was last a while!

Perfect Neon Bundle

This set is stunning ! Worth every penny and more . So pigmented, it’s insane ! Color stays true to its appearance when added in resin !
Obsessed !

Stunning Purple

This color holds to what the color is prior to adding . It’s stunning and the shimmer given when used in resin is amazing !

Ohhh my!!

Absolutely love this one! Very unique but wonderful fragrance! Another one I went back for more! Can't wait to make soap with Dragon Moon! Great unisex scent for sure!

Just LOVE this one

Ohhh it was good out if the bottle even better in cp soap love this one absolutely beautiful spring/summer scent ... A field of wildflowers and grasses. This one will be used often! Love it!!!


Interesting scent , I think I'll appreciate it more in my finished soap then out of the bottle. Like it just fine. Can't say I love it.... we'll see.


Lightly fruity and fresh... Very lovely fragrance I'm going to try in some lotion or body butter!

Very pleasant

Very pleasant fragrance, refreshing and will be great in my cold process soap for summer! Will buy this one again!

Yes please

Definitely a surprise this one! tried the small size first as I'm not fond of patchouli,but this fragrance has me hooked! Ordered more.....Give it a try it's intoxicating!

Great for shampoo and cp soap!

A touch from a summer day in a island. Between a coconut and passionfruit, and something else. My custoemrs love it!

Great for candles!

Very classy smell. Ideal for winter time. I´d recommend it for soy candles. It is the best scent. Smells all over the house for hours.


I love this. A little goes a looooonnnngggg way.
Pretty pink that blends in well.

Sweet and floral

Sweet but not overpowering, floral but not granny. Its very well balanced and a favorite of my teen. Will definitely keep this in stock!

Great fall scent!

This is a great fall scent! I can't decide if I want to keep all the soap myself or share with others so they too know how amazing this fragrance is. I love it!

What's not to love?

This scent is a staple in our soaping biz. What's not to love? Not only does it smell great, it never misbehaves or discolors the soap. My partner is a huge fan of brightly colored "fun" soap and this is one of his favorite fragrances to use!

Very fresh smelling

I'm a huge fan of citrus scents and adding the ginger was perfect. It definitely discolors to brown but as long as you're using darker colors it blends fine.

Smells good

Smells great but the mint is very strong and overpowers the eucalyptus a bit. Nicely behaved in cp soap. No discoloration at all.

The best base!

This is the only MP base I’ll use! It truly is low sweat AND is very high quality. Very easy to work with. It lathers extremely well.

Subtle scent that smells like you could eat it

I made a hot process soap marbled with honey blush mica and a honey comb (bubble wrap) top. The scent if very subtle and smells most like oatmeal.

Wonderful scent

This is a great scent. I love bergamot and the tea just adds a mellow finish. Well behaved for great swirl action. Definitely a keeper

Very nice balanced blend

I am a fan of patchouli but it can be overwhelming in a small space so I thought I'd give this scent a go. It's lovely. I definitely pick out the patchouli but its subtle and the orange hints are perfect.
I did have slight acceleration at 90 degrees so my design didn't work out quite as planned, but overall it behaved well. It does have a slight yellowing effect but its more of a cream color than yellow. You can see the tint on the uncolored portion of my soap, which complimented the orange and copper perfectly. I believe this will be a staple in our offerings.

Go-To Blue!

Klein blue is one of my favorite deep blue colors and produces a vibrant and lovely royal right out of the box. Mix it with a little bit of black oxide to achieve a deep rich navy, or lighter blues for a brighter look.