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Bath bombs

Such a beautiful orange. I made pumpkin bombs to give to family on Thanksgiving and they look great.


These colors are beautiful. I cant wait to try them all!

Used in my ocean themed soap. Bright and bold

I used this as a layer of my ocean themed CP soap and it turned out beautifully. Such a bold and beautiful color. I love every item I have purchased from Nurture.

Bath bombs

Tried these out in bath bombs and love them


I absolutely love these colors. I make soap, my mother makes resin art and she loved them as well so I'll be purchasing more, for her!

Great sand color in beach themed soap

I used this color for the sand layer in my ocean themed soap and it was perfect. There were so many browns and golds to choose from but this is great. Also use as eyeshadow. Will buy again

My absolute favorite fragrance

I purchased the 1 oz bottle to try and will definitely be buying a bigger bottle. I have only used in body butter but it smells heavenly. I haven't had anyone male or female not enjoy it. It is strong and light at the same time. My favorite

Perfect in CP salt bars

I made a 2# batch of CP salt bars using the 1 oz bottle and it behaved well with only slight acceleration. Soap was colored blue so no color change and scent is still strong 9 months after cure. Would definitely buy again

Very Chocolaty

Initially I thought it had a little chemical smell, but after the soap cured for a couple days the scent changed to a very chocolaty smell. It now smells good enough to eat!

Green Dye Powder
Jackie Trinity
Grand Green Dye

This review comes from my daughter Kayla and her NEW favorite colors are the Nurture Soap colors! She is crazy about the Green Dye! She said - it’s so beautiful that she wishes she could taste it!
As of now, we LOVE all the colors that we purchased and are going to order jars of the samples we have received!
The packaging is on point and candies are delicious!
Thanks Nurture Soap for your amazing products!


Melts easily. Doesn’t sweat. I found fragrances aren’t as strong as I would like so I add a little extra and it’s perfect.


Love this. Melts easily works well with fragrances and coloring.


Just what I needed. Gonna get a few more


Didn’t think I was going to like this. But once in the soap it is a beautiful light scent. Fruity yet clean


Very pretty. Deep color. I added less to my lavander bar to make it transparent ish. Turned out great

Love this scent!

It is nice and fresh and floral. It is my favorite Christmas soap FO. I made CP soap and it worked well with this process.

Soothing spa scent

To be honest, at first sniff I was disappointed that there wasn't more rosemary but quickly started to appreciate the soft herbal notes and gentle mint. It is very soothing, clean and fresh. Definitely perfect spa vibes. Perfect for my bath bombs and salt scrubs.

Firecracker Mica
Azhar ibrahim
Bursting firecracker color

The firecracker color i used it in cold process soap, the color pops out such a beautiful color. It made the soap look so beautiful. I loved this color and I will recommend it.

Celadon Green Mica
Dragonfly Bath Works
Perfect green

I've used this for 5 years, it is my go-to. It stays, and stays even through fragrances that can discolor your micas.

Great for IPA inspired soap

I used this with a few other fragrance oils for a neipa inspired beer soap. Turned out great, no issues soaping with it.

Another great one Earth meets Sky

Just lovely great smell true to the name very happy to order couple os Oz of it I will order more soon.

love this mica

Nurture Mica's are good quality and good price. I rely on them for a lot of my cold process soap making mica's.

Made my bars harder which allowed me to unmold sooner.

gorgeous colors

this purple is the perfect accent purple great shimmer and very bold


this is a bright and bold green it is perfect for getting a neon or vibrant green