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Lilacs are Purple

I'm using this color for a Lilac soap! It's just beautiful

Reminds me of childhood

This fragrance smells exactly like a lotion my mom use to get when I was little. It was one of her favorites as well, and every Sunday before going to church, all my sister's and I would be allowed to use a little bit so we could smell nice before church. Brings back fond memories!

Kaolin clay

I love the kaolin clay from Nurture’s I use in all my soaping recipes to help retain the fragrance. It blends very easily in my oils.


A beautiful baby pink in CP, or a pretty iridescent pink in M&P. I can't wait to use this one in my spring soaps!

pleasantly surprised

this scent smells amazing (fresh and crisp) and it works well in cp soap, scent is also long lasting. *green vibrance, mimosa, and titanium dioxide (with each) are in picture

not my favorite

the scent is "ok" maybe a bit syrupy? it accelerated a little but workable if prepared. light scent after cure. on the fence if i will reorder more.

why did i wait?

beautiful colors, doesn't take much. pic includes neon magenta ( mixed with different amounts of TD)

very floral

If you like florals- this is for you! it worked well in cp soap and the scent is long lasting

soft floral

nice soft floral scent, worked well in cp soap. light scent

best seller

I love this scent and it works great in cp. Also, the scent is strong and stays!


This scent smells wonderful and soaps great in cp.

So much better out of the bottle

Not gonna lie, didn’t not like the scent initially while in the bottle but once I got it poured for my bathbombs I had a complete 180. It smells so good and just fresh to me. 5/5 for me. Such a great wonderful fragrance!

1 # seller

This fragrance has become my number 1 seller in lotion. Customers can’t get enough of it. Please never discontinue this one, it’s a keeper.

Real strong orange in pour but not as bad as it cures starting to love the scent more as it cures

Orange Patchouli

I love the scene!! It reminds me of the combination of fresh citrus and woody aromas. Great collaboration can't wait to try this fragrance in my new soap recipe.


Great out of the bottle and even better as a scent in my mild bath!

2nd purchase

Ordered a bigger bottle with my 2nd purchase and should have ordered an even bigger bottle. Love this scent!

Love the scent

Tried a new scent and glad I did! Love this in my bath bombs.

Brick Dust

I used this in a gothic themed soap and I loved how it accented the other colors. It is more red than orange in my recipe. I got a true red brick color.

Blackberry Bliss awesome

This is one of my number one soaps! The fragrance is lively, lovely, and stimulates a memory of gma’s Jam! Perfect in CP soap!❤️

Low Sweat Clear

I love the base it makes my soaps look amazing.
I hope you get some Low Sweat White Soap In Soon

Lovely true yellow

I am very happy with this yellow. I originally got it in the sample size and I am back to order a bigger jar. This is a true yellow. I used it in a rainbow layered CP soap and it was the perfect color.

Works great

I ordered two spray pumps; I filled one with gold mica and the other one with sparkle white mica. The pumps allow me to evenly distribute mica on the tops of my soap. The pumps work great and I have not experienced any clogs. If using the pumps in this way please beware that the dry mica gets a little airborne but that's due to the nature of mica, not the pump.

Spot on tea !

This tea is perfection ! To my nose it’s more like a tea with lemon, but the best I’ve found !
My customer came back for a huge wholesale order & Nurture came through with flying colors.

As advertised

This fragrance works as advertised. No acceleration. Light tan coloration which is perfect for my use. Holding scent well after several weeks of curing.