Nurture Soap Reviews

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Great for test batches

Love this mold, has been helpful for practicing techniques without being wasteful with materials

French Green Clay
Sharon Harden
French Green Clay

Perfect muted shade for the natural soaper. Purchased another French Green Clay from Amazon and it was bright green; didn’t look natural at all. I’m sticking with Nurture Soap.

These neons are amazing

So pretty in CP

Love this blue in CP


Works perfectly in CP

Sodium Lactate
Sodium Lactate

I had ordered sodium lactate from Amazon in the past. It took me a while to realize Nurture soap sold it at a much better unit price. I don't soap without it!

True blue

Basic blue shade that easily to blend!

Bright green with little shade of yellow

Beautiful colors for new leaves!

Must have item

All the vibrance colors are must have items!

Tropical beach

You can feel the sun, the fruit , the flower ,… all in this scent!

Shipping Protection
Melinda Wilkinson

Always fast shipping!

Female floral scent

Suitable for female! That’s beautiful floral scent!

True orange

True orange but you have to use more than usual cause it becomes lighter after cutting!

Beach color

Beautiful colors for my beach project!

Not my favorite, but...

It's not my favorite, but guys love it!

Love it!

I was hesitant at first, but after the cure, it smells so good in cold process soap. I just ordered another bottle!

The best apple fragrance!

This is my absolute favorite apple fragrance. It smells like a fresh apple, not a candy like most apple scents. I've made a confetti soap with patchouli essential oil and grapefruit and bergamot fragrance soaps for my Cactus Blossom soap, and I cannot keep them in stock. I also use Apple in bubble doh and bath bombs for kids.

It's a favorite!

I can't say enough good things about this fragrance. It does discolor CP soap, so plan that in your design. I use a lot of TD to help, and it works for me. I also use it in lotions and scrubs.

Not just for soap!

I don't use smell the rainbow in CP soap, as it tends to discolor yellow. However, I LOVE using it in Bubble Doh and bath bombs. Kids and parents all love the smell and always ask where I got it from.

Behaves well

Works great in CP soap. It tends to slow things down for me, but that's no issue. Customers love the smell

Love it!

I bought a bottle of Star Showers a while back and never got around to using it. Out of the bottle, it isn't my favorite, but after curing, it smells amazing! It set up just right for this drop swirl. I just ordered another big bottle.

Smells just like skittles!!

It smells divine!! Like opening a package of skittles!!

Excellent Quality

This mold is just perfect. Its study and easy to work with. The side panel comes out easily for easy soap removal. The liner is thick and does not stick to the soap. When I have large soap orders this is my go to mold.

Great Pink to have in your collection

Versatile pink, can be mixed with less to create a soft pink or use recommended amounts to create a vibrant bright pink. love it!