Nurture Soap Making Oil Blend

Size: 3.9 lb
Sale price$29.00


This blend contains the following FOOD GRADE pre-mixed oils:

  • Olive Oil - 40%
  • Coconut Oil - 25%
  • Organic & Sustainable RSPO Palm Oil - 25%
  • Sweet Almond Oil - 5%
  • Castor Oil - 5%

The oils used to make this blend are the highest-quality oils we can find and are the best of the best! We recommend using this blend within one year of purchase.

If you are frustrated with too fast of trace, oils behaving badly, or the time-consuming task of having to weigh and measure every oil that goes into a soap recipe, this blend is perfect for you!

3.9 and 8 pound sizes come in a plastic F-Style jug. Our 35 pound size comes in an easy to use jerrycan type jug with a large mouth opening and vent hole.

This blend stays quite fluid at room temperature, so if you are storing your oils at room temp you can shake the jug to sufficiently mix the oils. To warm cold oils, place the jug in a warm water bath. We have found that filling the sink with warm water and placing the jug in the sink is sufficient to warm colder oils.

This soap feels great in the shower. It is lower cleansing, high conditioning, with a thick creamy lather and lots of big bubbles!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 225 reviews
So easy

This blend makes perfect soap. I just add my 3 butters and it’s just that easy! Please don’t ever stop making this. I also love how they have all the formulations done for you.


The mix is amazing, so easy to use and the bars are nice and hard. Will be a repeat customer for sure.

Love love love this

So easy. I add my butters and my two other oils to this mix and I’m set. If only it had all my oils for my recipe lol still makes my life so much easier. My soap turns out perfect every time

Perfect blend

Makes a great bar of soap and super convenient!

Katrina Long

I make SO MANY soaps. And using this oil blend rather than individually measuring out and separately purchasing each oil has saved me time, money, and prevents waste. I’ve been using this for over a year now and I will NEVER go back. It’s a staple to my soap making now.