We know shipping cost is a concern for customers outside 48 states and international buyers. The best way to calculate costs is to add the desired items to your cart and use our shipping calculator on the cart page. Once you add your location the shipping costs will be populated for you.

As of June 2020, we are using a customs service called BorderGuru. This is the rate that will show in your cart if buying internationally. BorderGuru is a customs service that ensures your packages will safely pass through customs in your country. Duties and fees are added to the shipping rate at checkout. Because of this, there no hidden fees or surprises by the customs agency of your respective country. Everything is paid 100% in advance.

The BorderGuru customs agency is located in Bell, California. When you place an order with us, we first send your package to the BorderGuru agency. This process typically takes 5 days. Once your package arrives at the BorderGuru location, you will then be able to use the tracking number provided by them to track the package to your country.

Because of the additional time it will take for the package to arrive to your country, we are no longer accepting rush orders on international packages.

We hope this service creates a better buying experience for our international buyers. The rates provided by BorderGuru are often less than half than the rates we previously could provide through other worldwide shipping services. There are no hidden surprises and fees, and we can now guarantee that any order you place will arrive safely to your destination!