• New Flare™ Collection of Micas

    Sparkle and Shine!

    You will not find micas for soap like this anywhere else. Our new Flare™ Collection of micas will make your soaps SHINE like no other!

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We Make Soap

But we adore everything handcrafted! Whether you make soap, cosmetics, hand turned pens or whatever your crafty heart desires, we are here for you! We are experts in mica and will help you find whatever spectacular color you may be looking for!

We are make one of a kind soap molds and cutters. All our molds and cutters have been designed by Nurture or a member of our team. Great care goes into each item we sell and we stand behind our products 100%. If you're not happy we're not happy! Let us take care of your crafty needs.

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A Basic Vegan and Palm-Free Cold Process Soap Recipe

This is the recipe I use all the time. I like it because it is simple and inexpensive. I have not used palm for a long time, and had to formulate a bar that was nice without palm. To add to the hardness of the bar without using palm, I use some shea butter. This adds creaminess and hardness to the soap.
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Cosmetic Labeling - How to Label Color Additives

I have seen many have questions regarding how to label micas and colors correctly. One of the most common concerns is how to label properly when many colors are used. We don't want our labels to be like reading a book! In this post I will answer common questions regarding color labeling.
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New Packaging!

About 13 years ago I started making lotions. Making lotions was really fun, but I think I liked making labels better. Labels serve a functional purpose of displaying your products and ingredients, but they also are a wonderful way to infuse your own personality into the product you're selling. Labels are uniquely YOU.
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