Super Sparkles Plastic Free EnviroGlitter™


Glitter that won't harm the environment!

Super Sparkles EnviroGlitter™ is a very lightweight glittery fine powder that can be added to soaps to add an amazing glitter and sparkle effect. Mix Super Sparkles with any mica to get brilliance and shine, even in cold process! This isn't actually a mica...It is synthetic fluorphlogopite or synthetic mica. Most glitters are PET plastic based and do not break down in the environment having an adverse affect on marine wildlife. Our line of EnviroGlitter™s break down naturally since they are based on minerals. They are also vegan and cruelty free!

Our Enviroglitters can be used as a substitute for glitter in all types of soap. They can be used to have a glitter effect on top of products and can also be used in cold process soaps to add shine and sparkle! For maximum effect use in melt and pour soaps, but they work great in cold process, too. They are the perfect glitter for bath bombs!

Our EnviroGlitters were formerly called Mineral Glitters or Biodegradable Glitter. We now also offer Ronald Britton's Bio-Glitter® based on natural cellulose from eucalyptus trees.

INCI: Fluorphlogopite, titanium dioxide
Safe for eyes, lips, and external use.
Micron size: 200-700

Recommended use rate in cold and hot process soap is 1 tsp. per pound of oils. For melt and pour, the recommended use rate is .5 tsp. per pound of base. To use in bath bombs polysorbate 80 must be used. Use polysorbate at half your oils. For example, if you use three teaspoons of carrier oils, now use 3 tsp of oils and 1.5 tsp. of poly 80. If your bath bombs are too wet, decrease the amount of poly and carriers oil by the same ratio. The addition of polysorbate will prevent staining or a mica powder ring around the tub.

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