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5 lb Basic Loaf Mold

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Our 5 pound basic soap mold holds 63 ounces (3.94 pounds) of oils maximum. It will hold approximately 5 pounds of finished soap. If this mold is filled to the very top, it can yield up to 5.9 pounds of soap before cure or cook. Results will vary depending on your unique soap recipe.

Any liners purchased between 4/01/18 and 9/19/2018 will be about 1/16th inch shorter than our current batch of silicone liners. Liners purchased between these dates measured 17 7/8" and our current batch measures a full 18". We have made the wooden mold boxes to fit accordingly. There may be up to 1/16" gap between the liners and our current wooden mold boxes.

Liner(s) Used 5 lb Loaf Liner
Lid(s) Used N/A
Wood Mold Used 5 lb Basic Wood Mold
Liner Capacity 63 ounces of oils
Liner Thickness .18 inches
ID of Liner 18" L x 3.5" W x 2.5" H
Dishwasher Safe Silicone Yes
Food Grade Silicone Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews

I absolutely love this mold! I was using the one available from Amazon, and this is the perfect next step in my soapmaking journey. The bars are a bit wider than my other mold, and it is longer (so more bars of soap!!) It is so easy to get the liner out of the mold (little holes on the bottom of the mold), and my liner came off from my soap so easily! (On the Amazon mold, I always had to push and pull and always squished the edges a bit).

The pic in my review is so you can see size comparison to the one available on Amazon. (Sorry for the mess - I had just finished making some soap!)
The video in my review is so you can see how easy it is to unmold (WOW!) I had taken the silicone mold out of the box before I filmed, but put it back in before shooting the video so you can see how easy it is. It came out a bit faster in the video, but it was just as easy the first time.

Love My Mold!

I contemplated purchasing this mold for months - no kidding. Literal months. Finally took the plunge and bought it and I’m so sad that I waited so long. I love it so much :-) It’s sturdy and so easy to use. I love the fact that it has holes in the bottom when I’m ready to release the silicone liner. The liner is the perfect weight and amazingly durable. No worries about bowing or the sides buckling. I will be purchasing more to grow my mold collection.


So far so good

These are all I use now

great molds, perfect size for big broad bars

Easy To Use!

I'm a new soap maker, and didn't want to mess with lining molds. After reading reviews and pros and cons, I found these molds. They are perfect and so easy to use! My recipes unmold easily after 24 hours and there is very little mess or residue. Just do a quick wash, let them dry and make more soap! Love them and would highly recommend them to anyone. Will be buying more in the near future. Only request is that there were doubles and triples in this dimension.

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