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    Shimmer Gold Mica

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    Product description

    Experience the brilliance of Shimmer Gold Mica - a dazzling, super sparkly option to add a golden touch to any project! 

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    Ingredients & Info

    📁 SDS

    INCI: Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide
    Micron Size: 20-200

    Cosmetic use:
    • Eyes
    • Lips
    • External Use

    Ideal for:
    • Soap
    • Resin
    • Crafts
    • Lotion
    • Butters
    • Wax Melts
    • Nail Polish

    Prop 65: Titanium dioxide (airborne, unbound particles of respirable size) is on the Proposition 65 list because it can cause cancer. Exposure to titanium dioxide may increase the risk of cancer. Once incorporated into a liquid or solid base it is no longer airborne and falls off the Prop 65 list.

    Soap Use Notes

    • Use rate in cold & hot process soaps: 1-2 teaspoons per pound of oils.
    • Use rate in melt & pour soaps: .5 teaspoons per pound of base.

    ~ More or less can be added to achieve your desired color. These usage rates are recommended for no colored lather. ~

    Shimmer Gold is also great for dusting bath bombs to add a glitter effect. If enough is used in cold process you'll be able to see the mica shimmer in the soap!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 408 reviews

    Adds a perfect touch

    J. (Baltimore, US)
    Oh my word

    Stunning gold

    S.A. (South Tangerang, ID)
    My Go To Gold

    This is my favorite Gold color to give extra shimmer to decorate my soap

    Laurette Anderson (Oak Park, US)
    Versatile Gold

    I use shimmer gold a lot. It gives a good amount of sparkle without too much pigment in the finished soap.

    Cecilia B.
    Best Gold Mica Ever!

    Hands-down, my favorite gold mica to use in CP soap! The shimmer stands up to the whole process and comes through shining every time ✨️ Grab this for all your true gold needs. If you want a 24kt gold for depth grab the Maya Gold. Neither will disappoint! (Lightning Bolt/Shimmer Gold in clear MP soap)

    SAM (Guadalajara, MX)
    Great excellent touch!

    I was afraid of adding this mica between lyers, but the final soap it´s perfect, and whe you use it´s amazing how you see the sparkle!

    T. (Lithonia, US)
    Shimmer Me Timbers!

    I love this Gold Mica, I use it on all my swirls

    N.B. (Skopje, MK)
    Very classy

    My favorite gold mica

    S. (Guadalajara, MX)
    Posh and classy ultimate touch.

    I add between lyers and above to one of my soaps and loooks very expensive and classy.

    B.H. (Atlanta, US)
    Great statement

    I like this gold for a color accent on top of soaps.