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    Purple Brazilian Clay

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    Product description

    Treat yourself to a luxurious spa experience at home with our Purple Brazilian Clay! Packed with naturally occurring mineral goodness like copper, selenium, zinc, and magnesium, it'll take your soap-making game to a whole new level. You won't believe how silky and divine your lather will be!

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    Ingredients & Info

    📁 SDS

    INCI: Kaolin

    Ideal for:
    • Soap
    • Resin
    • Crafts
    • Wax Melts

    Soap Use Notes

    • Use rate in cold & hot process soaps: 1 teaspoon per pound of oils.
    • Use rate in melt & pour soaps: .5 teaspoons per pound of base.

    ~ More or less can be added to achieve your desired color. These usage rates are recommended for no colored lather. ~

    Clay should be mixed with water before adding to cold process soap. Mixing well before adding to soap will help prevent clumps or streaks. Mix 1 part clay to 1 part water until fully saturated then add the mixture to your soap.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 144 reviews
    S. (San Jose, US)

    Pretty natural colorant.

    J. (Washington, US)
    Purple Brazilian Clay

    Works beautifully in beard & shave soaps... fantastic color.

    J. (Sunnyvale, US)
    Perfect for swirls

    I use this in my lavender soaps for making swirls!

    A. (Stafford, US)
    Excellent Color

    I love using this as the colorant in my lavender luffa soap.

    M.A.H. (Little River, US)
    Wonderful all-natural purple colorant

    I absolutely love this clay from Nurture Soap! It is a deep purple in cold-processed soap. I often add olive oil infused alkanet root or lockwood to get variations or a more vibrant color. I bought a similar clay on another site and I presume it was cut with kaolin clay. It hardly was noticeable in my soaps & bath fizzies.

    N.S. (Lambertville, US)
    Love Purple Brazilian Clay for CP Soap 🧼💜

    This really helps the soap glide more when you're using it and gives a soft and subtle natural look to my soaps. I have a best seller called Divine Feminine where I use this and the Pink Kaolin Clay equal parts. 2 tsp per lb for each clay. YouTube video placeholder
    C. (Lafayette, US)
    I reach for this often

    I used this clay is my all-natural line and in my regular line as well. Such a pretty color.

    Y. (Arlington, US)
    This clay...

    Love the color when I used it on my soap.

    Rachel Stambaugh (Pullman, US)
    Purple Brazilian Clay for bath bombs

    I purchased purple brazilian clay to make my first batch of lavender bath bombs. I love the beautiful soft purple color it gave them! I've never used colored clay before as I am new to the craft but I think it's amazing a small amount of this clay can give such a beautiful natural color. It was easy to use too.

    E.O. (Tulsa, US)
    Pretty Color

    This makes for a dark, earthy purple. I like using it along with white kaolin clay to lighten it up a bit, depending on design.