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    4.5 lb Tall Skinny Liner

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    Product description

    Our 4.5 pound tall and skinny silicone liner holds 49.5 ounces (3.09 pounds) of oils. This liner is food grade. It is made from a premium type of silicone that will not stretch or tear over time.

    These liners undergo a special process that creates cross-polymer links in the silicone to make our molds extra strong and durable. Because of this process, the liners may vary slightly in size from batch to batch. It is strongly recommended to buy liners and wood boxes at the same time to ensure accurate sizing of the liner and the wooden mold box. See our complete mold sets.

    This liner will be out of stock indefinitely! 

    Liner Specifications

    • Liner Capacity: 49.5 ounces of oils
    • Liner Thickness: .25 inches
    • ID of Liner: 11" L x 2.5" W x 4.5" H

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 54 reviews
    K. (Richardson, US)
    Love it

    I love this liner so much.

    R.M. (Smyrna, US)
    Love this mold

    I totally love this silicone mold! Is one of my favorites to make a single batch of soap!!!

    D.T. (New Port Richey, US)
    25 & counting!

    Wow! Found a winner on the first try. Starting collecting these slowly over the last 7-8 years. I have 25 now and need more and can’t tell the old from the new!! :) Hey, Nurture Soap; pouring soap in batches of 3 keeps it nice & easy to lift. I would love a Triple Tall & Skinny Slab Mold in the future :)))

    Y.C. (Medford, US)
    Reliable and Strong.!

    These mold liners are ready to use and super reliable. I like that I can push on the bottom of the liner and my soap slips out no bending inside out or creases on the corners of the loaf. Now, if only it could help me with my patience as far as waiton 48 hours to unmold! LOL great buy I love the TS shape too!

    Paula G. (Dubai, AE)
    Simply, the BEST

    All the molds from NS are simply amazing and the best quality I had. This particular shape is one of my favourites and my best seller as well. Haven't found anything like it. You must get your hands on this, as its always out of stock

    sarah zehnder (Cincinnati, US)

    These molds were a great size, sturdy silicone and easy to clean! Love them! Worth every penny.

    Ruby (Richmond, US)
    Great Liner

    It’s a really nice mold, and really loving the look of the soap bars!

    Felina (Dallas, US)
    great liner

    The liners work well

    Tricia (Templeton, US)
    Its ok

    Its ok, I really like the nice tall shape. However, i find it really very hard to remove my soap from it as the silicone is very stiff! Had I known this before hand i definitely would not have spent my $41 on this mold. I used it once and now it just sits. I just find it too much of a hassle to mess with sadly..

    Ali (Stokesdale, US)
    I really like this liner

    I've only used this liner a couple of times since receiving it, but wow do I like it! Very sturdy, and such crisp, straight lines. My first use of this liner resulted in the prettiest loaf I've ever poured. I learned the hard way not to fill the mold to the very tip top (makes it more difficult to unmold) and to definitely use salt or sodium lactate in the lye water) but I am super pleased with performance and convenience. The attached pic shows my a bar lovely hanger swirl first loaf. Some bars had air bubbles (totally my fault), but they still came out beautiful. I will say that unless you are comfortable with building boxes (or know someone who is), get the liner + the wooden mold. I had to wait almost 2 weeks after receiving my liner to build a box, and I was kicking myself because I couldn't try it out. Also, make sure your cutter can handle the tall loaf this mold produces. I ended up buying a large single-wire cutter--which I'd wanted anyway but couldn't justify until I turned out the first loaf from this liner.