11 lb Slab Liner

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The 11 lb slab liner is a great slab mold liner! This silicone liner is polished on the inside for easy release of your soap.

Liner Specifications

• Liner Capacity: 115 ounces of oils
• ID of Liner: 12-5/8" L x 9-1/4" W x 2-1/2" H

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Customer Reviews

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great quality!

use all the time and is sturdy!

Melicia McMichael

11 lb Slab Liner

I need more!!

I LOVE this mold! I can save time by making bigger batches. I never have enough masculine soap too fast from my long loaf molds and I don't want to have to use multiple long loaf molds for the same scent. I don't have that problem with this mold. It is versatile because you can cut your slab in standard long loaf sizes or you can cut it into tall/skinny bars. Prefect for testing out new techniques too. I have been stalking the site for a while now waiting for them to be back in stock. I was very saddened to have to go to another supplier, that I hate ordering from because their shipping is akin to ordering from China (China might be faster) but they're in the US too - anyway, because I needed a second one. With that said, if you are considering one, you should buy TWO! No! Seriously! BUY TWO!! Don't be like me and wish you had. PLEASE RESTOCK SOON!! I AM stalking you Nurture Soap! LOL

Solid mold

Great silicone mold. Same size as the 18 bar one from BB so my husband's wood mold worked perfectly for added support. Once cut, I was able to get 32 bars of soap.

Love it

I love this mold. I cannot speak to whether or not it bows because I had my husband make a wooden frame for it before I used it because or my experience with other silicone molds. The sides are very thick and the whole thing is sturdy.