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All Molds

Our molds are known for their quality and lasting durability. We offer many types of soap molds, from self-supporting silicone soap molds to our premium silicone liners with wooden support boxes.

We have molds in all shapes and sizes, including slab molds, loaf molds, and our popular tall and skinny soap molds.

Our green food grade silicone liners are designed by us and are our most durable option. We use a special type of silicone in our green liners that will not stretch or tear, and will last as long as you do!

Our premium molds are the perfect design for making handmade soap. The owner of Nurture Soap designed the premium mold because it was exactly what she wanted as a soapmaker. The wooden mold box has removable sides for easy removal of the silicone liner, and there are grooves in the mold where the clear plexiglass lid is slid into. The lid creates a seal where air can't easily pass through. This is important because contact with air is what gives soap soda ash.If you tired of cleaning ash on your soaps, our premium molds are the perfect solution.

Our basic molds are a more economical, budget-friendly solution. They are the same great quality as our premium molds, but don't have lids or removable sides. There are holes in the bottom of the wooden mold box to push out the liner.

If you prefer to line your molds, we have wooden soap molds that can be lined with freezer paper. All of our molds are expertly crafted in our shop in Indiana.

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