25 Cube Soap Silicone Mold

25 Cube Soap Silicone Mold


This is one of our favorite soap molds! Not only are the soaps made in this mold an amazing shape, but this mold is absolutely versatile as well. We use it for fragrance and color testing, because each cavity can be filled individually with different scents and colors. You can fill only part of the mold or the whole mold, making up to 125 ounces (almost 8 pounds) of soap. It doesn't need support and is very sturdy on its own.

The only mold we've seen like this retails for $40.00 in other stores. The inside of this mold is polished silicone for easiest release, and it makes stunningly smooth soap squares!

For easiest release of soap in this mold, sodium lactate should be used. Let the soap harden thoroughly before trying to release soap from the individual cavities of this mold. To release the soap cubes, turn the mold over and put gentle pressure on each individual square. The soap releases like a dream this way!

Can be used for: This listing includes: Dimensions:
Cold process 1. 25 cube soap mold Inside of each cavity  2.125"  x 2.125" x 1.75" H
Melt and pour Outside of mold  12" L x 12" W x  2.5" H
CPOP Liner thickness ➜ Varies
Hot Process Max amount of oils  5 oz each cavity

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