Sodium Lactate

Sodium Lactate


Sodium lactate is an amazing ingredient in all types of skin care. It is a humectant and draws moisture from the air to help keep skin supple and smooth in lotions. In soaps, it creates a harder bar that lasts longer in the shower. It also helps making the unmolding of soaps easier from the soap mold. It is truly a must-have ingredient for any soap or bath and body maker!

Sodium lactate is a liquid salt derived from sugars such as beets and corn. We adore this ingredient and use it in all of our soaps at Nurture!

Recommended usage rate of sodium lactate for cold process soaps is 1 teaspoon per pound of oils. Sodium lactate is also used in hot process soaps toward the end of the cook to create a more fluid soap that easier to get into the soap mold.

When using sodium lactate, add it to your cooled lye water.

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