Swirl Divider for 2.5 Pound Silicone Liner
Swirl Divider for 2.5 Pound Silicone Liner




These swirl dividers are made especially for our 2.5 pound soap mold liners. This divider is evenly spaced between the removable dividers so you can make a batch of soap and divide into equal parts without worrying if you have the right amount for each space. This tool is amazing for creating advanced swirls such as the well-known mantra swirl.Ā 

The swirl divider can be divided into three or four sections depending on which side of the end piece is used. One side has three grooves to slide the dividers into and the other side has two grooves.

Fits these molds:

  • 2.5 pound premium soap mold
  • 2.5 pound basic soap mold
  • 2.5 pound silicone loaf liner
  • 5 pound double premium soap mold
  • 7.5 pound triple premium soap mold

Have another size mold that you would like a custom-made swirl divider for? Please visit theĀ Great Soap ShopĀ for custom dividers and hanger swirl tools!

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