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Swirl Divider for 2.5 lb Mold

These swirl dividers are made especially for our 2.5 pound soap mold liners. This divider is evenly spaced between the removable dividers so you can make a batch of soap and divide into equal parts without worrying if you have the right amount for each space. This tool is amazing for creating advanced swirls such as the well-known mantra swirl.

The swirl divider can be divided into three or four sections depending on which side of the end piece is used. One side has three grooves to slide the dividers into and the other side has two grooves.

Fits these molds:

  • 2.5 pound premium soap mold
  • 2.5 pound basic soap mold
  • 2.5 pound silicone loaf liner
  • 5 pound double premium soap mold
  • 7.5 pound triple premium soap mold

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Unfortunately due to my not reading well, i had to return the insert. I had very good, quick conversation with Nurture and a quick refund. I will buy from this company again!

Works Great!

Does what its supposed to do. It actually works great and they fit perfectly into the mold

Buh-bye Cardboard!

If I had a dollar for every time I asked myself why I hadn't purchased actual loaf dividers yet (instead of using cardboard), I could've bought myself loaf dividers 3 times over by now LOL! This is GREAT and SOOOOO MUCH easier than cardboard! Plus, no waste! Cutting out pieces of cardboard to fit my mold was a single-use event, and unfortunately, I couldn't put soap-covered cardboard in my recycle bin either. These dividers wash up easily and there's SO MANY THINGS you can do with them! You can really let your creative imagination run wild with these, and with the end-pieces being double-sided, you have the option of making 2, 3 or 4 divided sections in your loaf mold! For my first time using this, I wanted to see if I could create a "column" of soap in the middle of my loaf, then once the dividers were removed, use my hanger tool to essentially tip the column sideways, so that I'd have swirls of color running diagonally through the design of my soap... I think I sorta got it, but more practice wouldn't hurt! In any case, I am so excited to think up even more fun ways to incorporate these dividers into my soapy designs! One of the biggest reasons why I never made more "divided" designs in my soaps was because it was a little bit of a pain in the booty having to cut out cardboard pieces each time; and an even BIGGER pain in the booty having to hold said cardboard pieces in place after they decided to make like a Fleetwood Mac song & "go their own way" while pouring my soap! With these dividers, life has just become that much more easy-peasy! I love these babies and am seriously questioning why I didn't buy this SO MUCH SOONER! (P.S. I used Nurture's "Dragon Moon" FO for this project, and it's EXCEPTIONAL!!)

What a blast!

I am having a blast with these dividers and trying out new techniques. They are easy to use and help me stay creative. The fit in the mold is nice and tight, but not too tight.

Awesome Soap Designs

I'm fairly new to cold process soap making, and in my soap making research journey, I fell in love with all the elaborate swirl and layered designs. I wanted to create those designs, especially the Taiwan Swirl. I also wanted to make layered designs and clean line color blocks. When I saw this 2.5 Mold Divider insert for the 2.5 lb mold, I absolutely had to have it! This product works great, and fits snug in the soap mold. Very easy to clean after use with soap and water. It's highly versatile in giving you the option to choose from 2 to 4 divided sections in a soap's design. You can also insert the dividers to create larger or smaller sections, or go for perfectly even sections. So many options! My soap design spreadsheet is now filled with ideas that involve this awesome tool. It has inspired a lot of great design ideas. Thank you Nurture Soap!

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