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    Soap Cutter Wires

    $6.00 USD

    We offer the highest quality steel strings for use with our soap cutters. They are used to replace the strings on our discontinued cutters should you happen to break one.

    The wires are 10.5" long.  

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 90 reviews
    Kelly Rubel (Tacoma, US)
    Very good quality

    Are new soap cuter keep breaking the wires, bought these, and never had a problem again. Thank you
    Very reasonably priced

    Anita Costa (Bend, US)
    Great quality wires!

    After discovering that Nurture Soap no longer carries our cutter, we were relieved they still offer replacement wires. Hopefully they will continue to be offered.


    Worked perfectly for my For Crafts Sake Tank cutter. They are no longer in business so I'm glad to find another source for wires!

    A.M. (Fort Wayne, US)
    Good buy

    I bought the 10 pack and well worth it. Do not want to be without these wires for my NS cutter!

    B.V. (Sherburne, US)
    Easy to replace

    Quick and easy to replace.

    Michelle (Tracy, US)
    Wire cutters

    I thought these were going to be difficult to replace but they weren’t at all.

    Jill h (San Antonio, US)
    Love it

    I must say that the wires are good quality, the customer service was great and shipping was quick.

    J. (Washington, US)
    Soap Cutter Wires

    Absolutely perfect for my soap cutter replacement wires. Good price.

    S.R. (Raymond, US)
    Why are the wires so short??

    I bought these for the 18 bar cutter I got from
    Nurture - I needed to replace a bunch of wires because my son decided to play with my soap cutter and he destroyed them. Anyways- my husband is a guitarist and has dealt with these kinds of wires before but this has been really tough for him. He has asked why the wires are so short. The wires wrapped by nurture on the soap cutter were wrapped 4 times and then brought through the hole. We can only wrap these 2-3 times and can barely get it through the hole they’re just wayyy too short. I don’t get it???

    D.s. (Kingston, US)
    Just love this company!

    I had purchased the multi bar cutter and popped two strings (my own fault, I either tightened too tight or the soap was too hard or both lol) and was so happy to see they offer replacements!!!! Easy install!