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    Pheromone Fragrance Oil

    $2.45 USD

    Are you ready to captivate those around you? An unforgettable aroma awaits with Pheromone Fragrance Oil. This classic cologne scent combines a sexy, clean aroma with a hint of exotic that will keep you feeling confident and empowered all day. Strike the perfect balance between earthy and minty with the magnetic power of sage and mint. Make your mark - it's time to try Pheromone Fragrance Oil!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 262 reviews
    Lisa Lillard (Spring, US)
    My Fav!

    This scent should be called Phenomenal! That is just how good it smells. It’s a great unisex scent- I will definitely be wearing it!
    I’m ordering the pound this time. lol…

    Valerie Ritter (Avon, US)
    Smells great

    Smells like a nice, fresh, men’s cologne and did not have acceleration in CP soap!

    A.W. (Knox, US)
    Awesome fragrance!

    Behaved very well for me in cold process soap. Tonight I made "lumps of coal" soap with it using activated charcoal and it turned out beautiful!


    Smells like a lighter mens cologne but could be unisex. Great fragrance!


    Absolutely love this fragrance. It’s my best seller for my man soap

    S.M. (Sebringville, CA)
    LOVE IT!

    This fragrance oil is amazing! I generally soap using the heat transfer method, and I had no issues what so ever. A dream to work with and this fragrance is a very manly, sexy fragrance. A customer favourite!

    T.G. (Hancock, US)
    Very nice

    This scent is a true clean scent. I liken it to a traditional men's bar of soap but of an axe version not heavily chemically laden. It's an excellent smell. Must have for any soaper.

    3.S.C. (Azle, US)
    Pheromone is one of my best selling soaps

    You can not go wrong with this one. Men and women love the herby, fresh and clean scent of this fragrance oil. I have trouble keeping this soap in stock.

    M.M. (Port Clinton, US)
    Second favorite male scent

    Between Bourbon street and this one, I love these scents. Works great in cold process

    Maria Allen (Bullard, US)
    I would buy again.

    The quality of the EO is amazing, definitely recommend.