Hanger Swirl Tool for 5 and 7.5 Pound Silicone Molds

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Create beautiful swirls with this hanger swirl tool! This tool is great for creating butterfly swirls. This swirl tool has a wood handle and a stainless steel rod bent to be the perfect shape for our 7.5 pound molds and 5 pound soap molds and liners.

This hanger swirl tool measures 17 7/8" inches long.

Fits these molds:

  • 7.5 pound premium soap mold
  • 7.5 pound basic soap mold
  • 7.5 pound silicone loaf liner
  • 5 pound premium soap mold
  • 5 pound basic soap mold
  • 5 pound silicone loaf liner
  • 15 pound double premium soap mold
  • 22.5 triple premium soap mold

Have another size mold you would like a swirl tool for? Please visit the Great Soap Shop on Etsy for your custom-made tool!

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