Glow in the Dark Pigment


Our cosmetic grade glow in the dark pigment can be added to other colors to create glow in the dark soaps! If this pigment is used alone it will create a slightly off white soap that glows! Use at 1 tsp per pound of oils in cold process soap. Our glow in the dark pigment powder should be mixed well in oil before adding to soaps. This helps avoid spots in the soaps.

Subject to limitations

The FDA considers luminescent zinc sulfide safe in externally applied facial makeup and nail polish at the following percentages: <10%; for infrequent use (e.g., Halloween).

Product Information
MP Use Rate .5-1 tsp. per pound of oils Micron Size <50
CP Use Rate 1-2 tsp. per pound of oils Safe for Eyes No
Soap Stable Yes Safe for Lips No
Color Bleed or Migration No Safe for Lotions, etc. Subject to limitations

Label Information
Luminescent Zinc Sulfide None 68611-70-1

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