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Camouflage Mica


"This is a beautiful golden toned green. It’s unique though, not like a lot of other green golds I’ve come across." - Kristen

Here at Nurture Soap, Carrie H. loves everything camo. Clothes, curtains, bedspreads - Everything. This is a Nurture custom blend inspired by her and her love of these dark green tones.

Camouflage is a deep dark mossy green accented by hints of gold. If you know someone that loves camo too, they will drool over this one-of-a-kind custom color!

INCI Mica, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide green
Micron Size 10-60
FDA approved for Bath Bombs No - Read why here
FDA approved for Eye Area Yes
FDA approved for Lips No
Use Rate for CP and HP 1-2 tsp. per pound
Use Rate for MP .5 tsp. per pound

Customer Reviews

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Shimmery golden green

What a beautiful colour it is!
I’ve used it in my avocado soap for some golden green tones and my customers absolutely loved it!

great green

this is the perfect darker toned green that doesn't turn blueish, i love it!

Love this for my camouflage soap

Great addition to my lineup


Perfect camo color in cold process

An absolute gem!!!

This is yet ANOTHER mica from Nurture that I wish I would've added to my collection SO MUCH SOONER!!! This is an absolute "hidden gem" of a color & like NO OTHER shade of green I've seen before!!! From the moment I unscrewed the cap, I was in awe of it! In borrowing my own words from a recent guest blog post: The best way I can describe this gorgeous color is if deep, forest-green met rich, honey-brown, and together they went on a journey through the woods to discover that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! It's forest-green, meets honey-brown, meets opulent gold & it's positively STUNNING! DO NOT PANIC if you first add this color to CP soap & it turns a murky olive-brown (common for green micas). It did so as well in my own soap batter, only to return to its original, INCREDIBLE shade once saponification was complete! This color seemed to love a bit of heat too, intensifying to a BEAUTIFUL shade in my CP soap when placed atop a heating pad for a little bit. I imagine CPOP would also make this color SING!! Either way, this is a FANTASTIC mica, completely unique to ANY other shade of green in my collection! Looked fabulous in the batch of soap I made using Nurture's PHENOMENAL "Lavender & Sage" FO, and jaw dropping in the leaf embeds I made for the this batch as well! I will always always always keep this mica on-hand! Its deep, rich, earthy greenness with undertones of sun-warmed, golden-brown & flecks of regal, shimmering accents of gold are sensational & I can't sing the praises of this mica enough!

Nurture Soap is a vegan & cruelty free company. Shipping is free over $30 to 48 states.

Customer Reviews

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