9 lb Double Tall Skinny Premium Mold

✅ Mold + Liners + Lids Set

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Each cavity of our 9 pound double tall and skinny premium soap mold holds 49.5 ounces (3.09 pounds) of oils. It has removable sides and clear lids for viewing soap as it gels. The lids limit contact with air during saponification reducing ash on soaps. This mold features food-grade silicone liners. They are made via a special molding process that results in silicone that will not tear or stretch over time like other types of silicone can.

Mold Specifications

• Liner(s) Used: (2) 4.5 lb Tall Skinny Liner
• Liner Capacity: 49.5 ounces of oils
• Liner Thickness: .25 inches
• ID of Liner: 11" L x 2.5" W x 4.5" H
• Finished Soap Capacity: 22 - 1" bars

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
My Favorite mold!

This double mold is often sold out, so I had to wait to get mine. But I am so happy that I ordered it. The mold is sturdy and well made. The silicone liners are nice and thick, but also pliable enough to get the soap out. I love the convenience of the plexiglass lids which slide in. I can monitor gel phase for overheating without having to expose the soap tops to air.
Don't hesitate about this mold. It really is terrific and easy to use.

Jennifer B
This is THE BEST

I have had this mold for a few months and absolutely love it! The wood insulates so well that I don't need to cover the mold to gell my soap. I have not kept the clear lids on because I don't want to overheat, but they are nice to help keep the mold clean between uses and will come in handy once the weather cools.

Nancy Nelson
Double the fun

I love this double mold. Since receiving this mold I have used almost every day. I love the Tall and Skinny look. I do wish they made a slab mold in TS

Amber Smith
Totally worth it

It wasn't easy for me to make the investment in a top-end, high quality mold; but I am so glad that I did, and wish I had sooner. This size is ideal in my opinion, and the liners are premium. It is so much easier to be able to remove the walls of the mold when removing a batch, rather than struggling to shimmy the liner out of the wooden box. Couldn't be happier.

Game changer trifecta of tools!

This is so worth the price! You will not be sorry! The wood mold and silicone liner are both premium quality and super thick, making CP soap gel and cure beautifully every time. I am so glad I bought it and now plan to but the larger one when it comes back in stock. If it is available, grab it before it sells out again!

Photos show my first loaf of soap using this mold and the dividers that are sold for this mold and the amazing swirl tool made for this mold.