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Mold + Liner Set

    7.5 lb Basic Handle Tall Skinny Mold

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    Product description

    Our 7.5 pound tall and skinny handle liner holds 81 ounces (5.06 pounds) of oils. The handles on the liner allow for effortless removal from the soap mold box. The silicone covers the sides of the mold to keep the wood clean, and the silicone is thin for easy removal of the liner from your soap.

    This is the easiest soap mold we've used! A lid is not currently offered, but if you'd like to cover your soap, we recommend an upside down box with towels placed over the box to provide insulation. The wooden mold box typically provides enough insulation to heat and gel your soap.

    The liners used for this mold may vary in length by +/- 1/8" inch.

    Mold Specifications

    • Liner(s) Used: 7.5 lb Tall Skinny Handle Liner
    • Liner Capacity: 81 ounces of oils
    • ID of Liner: 17 7/8" L x 2.5" W x 4.5" H +/- 1/8"
    • Finished Soap Capacity: 17 - full 1" bars w/ some extra for samples, etc.

    Basic, Premium, or Handle Mold?

    We are often asked about the difference between basic and premium molds.

    Basic Molds:

    • Have a wooden box to support the liner.
    • Have holes in the bottom of the wooden mold to push out the liner.
    • Do not have a lid.

    Premium Molds:

    • Have a wooden box to support the liner.
    • Have a clear lid to view soap as it gels and prevent soda ash.
    • Have grooves in the wooden mold box the lid slides into, creating a seal between the soap and outside air. This is the main method of preventing ash.
    • Have removable sides for easy removal of the liner.

    Handle Molds:

    Handle molds come in basic and premium styles. They provide the ultimate ease of use when making soap. The lip of the liner surrounds the wood mold and keeps it clean. The handles on the liner allow for very easy removal from the mold. 

    However, the sides of the wooden mold box are not removable in the premium style, and the basic style does not have holes in the bottom of the box for removal. This is because you can simply lift up by handles and the liner pops right out! Another benefit of our handle molds is the silicone is thin yet sturdy, making soap a breeze to remove from the liner.

    If you do not gel or cover your soaps, basic molds are best. They can be covered with cling wrap to prevent ash. If you prefer to gel your soaps and want more ease of use, premium molds are ideal. Handle molds offer the best of both worlds in premium and basic styles.

    Have questions? Contact us.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews

    Just perfect!

    saundra Garvin

    Great mold love the handles they are very helpful when unmolding your soap and the shipping is so fast

    A.C. (Cocoa, US)
    Nice mold, but the liner...?

    I love Nurture Soap and the previous molds, but these molds the soap bows in at the top. I think because the liner is too thin to stand up on its own and since I don't fill all the way to the top of the mold (only to 3.5") the liner bows in during cure. I need to find some clips that span the width of the lip on the liner to hold it in place during cure. I think the premium mold may not have the same issue because it looks like the plexiglass lid may hold the liner in place. I want to order another mold so may try the premium.

    J.M. (Tunkhannock, US)
    Great Tall & Skinny Mold

    I will for sure be ordering more. My soap unmolded beautifully from this mold.

    M.R. (Hyden, US)
    Absolutely LOVE This Mold!

    Had to wait to get an 9# and YES finally got one and wow weeeee is it fun to use! Love how my soap turned out!

    Aubrey Shreve (Chicago, US)
    Love love love!

    I have fallen in love with a tall and skinny soap. This is a great mold, I love the handles, they work like a charm! Easy unmolding and I love that the liner goes over the top edges of the wooden sides; it makes for much easier cleanup!

    Patricia Barret
    9 pound Tall Skinny Mold

    Love the idea of the lip that protects from spills.
    Sorry that the liner is thinner because my first batch was not perfectly rectangular, instead it bowed slightly in at the top and out a smidge in the middle. Also unmolding with the previous liner was cleaner as I did not need to fold back the liner, I simply pushed down on the bottom of the liner after it was removed from the wood, holding it upside down and the soap would slowly release downward and out.

    Gretchen B (Newport News, US)
    Love it, but there are a few drawbacks

    I absolutely LOVE the size of this new mold!! I've been wanting a tall skinny mold for a while that wasn't as narrow as most are (only 2-2.25" wide). So I LOVE that this one is 2.5" wide. BUT, I did find that the top of the soaps were not completely straight, like it sagged somehow and didn't stay straight. I'm not sure how that happened, and I'll certainly try again. But it was something that wasn't 100% to my liking.

    M.H.S. (Anaconda, US)
    Well made and sturdy!

    Just received our new, 9# tall and skinny mold. So happy with the thickness of the liner and heft to the wooden mold. Can’t wait to try it out!

    Ellen Black (Chicago, US)
    New 9 Pound mold is Fantastic!

    Fantastic mold!!! the new handles and how it overlaps the rim. Great design on the silicone mold. Ordering another.