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Mold + Liner + Lid Set

    7.5 lb Premium Mold

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    Product description

    Our 7.5 pound premium soap mold holds 88.2 ounces (5.51 pounds) of oils. It has removable sides and a clear lid for viewing soap as it gels. The lid limits contact with air during saponification reducing ash on soaps. This mold features a food-grade silicone. It is made via a special molding process that results in silicone that will not tear or stretch over time like other types of silicone can.

    This our NEW VERSION. The new 7.5 lb liner is .18" thick and considerably more heavy duty then our previous liner. This mold will not fit our older liners.

    Mold Specifications

    • Liner(s) Used: 7.5 lb Loaf Liner
    • Liner Capacity: 88.2 ounces of oils
    • Liner Thickness: .18 inches
    • ID of Liner: 18" L x 3.5" W x 3.5" H
    • Finished Soap Capacity: 18 - 1" bars

    Basic, Premium, or Handle Mold?

    We are often asked about the difference between basic and premium molds.

    Basic Molds:

    • Have a wooden box to support the liner.
    • Have holes in the bottom of the wooden mold to push out the liner.
    • Do not have a lid.

    Premium Molds:

    • Have a wooden box to support the liner.
    • Have a clear lid to view soap as it gels and prevent soda ash.
    • Have grooves in the wooden mold box the lid slides into, creating a seal between the soap and outside air. This is the main method of preventing ash.
    • Have removable sides for easy removal of the liner.

    Handle Molds:

    Handle molds come in basic and premium styles. They provide the ultimate ease of use when making soap. The lip of the liner surrounds the wood mold and keeps it clean. The handles on the liner allow for very easy removal from the mold. 

    However, the sides of the wooden mold box are not removable in the premium style, and the basic style does not have holes in the bottom of the box for removal. This is because you can simply lift up by handles and the liner pops right out! Another benefit of our handle molds is the silicone is thin yet sturdy, making soap a breeze to remove from the liner.

    If you do not gel or cover your soaps, basic molds are best. They can be covered with cling wrap to prevent ash. If you prefer to gel your soaps and want more ease of use, premium molds are ideal. Handle molds offer the best of both worlds in premium and basic styles.

    Have questions? Contact us.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews
    CHRISTINE LEWIN (Brooklyn, US)
    Love it!

    Well built, solid, and beautiful! I recommend this!!!

    A.W.F.T. (Queens, US)
    Best loaf mold I have ever used

    This is a high-quality soap mold and has not disappointed me in any way. It was worth the investment! The silicone mold holds its shape on its own although I do store it with the cardboard insert that it comes with. Incredibly easy to remove the loaf from both the wood and silicone molds and the clear slide cover is a game changer. Shipping is incredibly fast as well! Great service!

    Nancy Fetcinko-Walsh (DeLand, US)
    7.5 Premium Mold - New Version

    Love these molds. The sides slide up & off making it super easy to slide the liner out. So easy to unmold the loaf of soap. Highly recommend. I will be purchasing more in the future

    christina cameron (Tulare, US)
    7.5 pound mold

    So pleased with my new mold. Definitely will be purchasing more soon. Wonderful quality. I wish the mold was a little thicker to stand up better with out the soap in it but overall it is my favorite mold I have used so far.

    The best

    This mild is hands down the best I’m patiently waiting for the ts to come in stock

    Mike Vuk (Pompton Plains, US)
    great mold

    geat quality molds for really good prices very sturdy

    A. (Montreal, CA)
    7.5 lbs Premium Mold

    Great mold, new better fitting silicone, it opens on the side by lifting and removing the walls for easy unmolding of the soap. Awesome job!!!

    A. (Montreal, CA)
    7.5 lbs Premium Mold

    Great mold. New better fitting silicone. Well done to ease the removing of the soap. I love it.

    Marie Martinez (Washington, US)
    7.5 lb Premium Mold - New Version

    So far, I've used this new mold 4 times and loving it already! Having removable wooden sides is a convenient way to get to the mold quite easily. The mold itself seems strong and of good quality. I especially love the clear lid, which allows for viewing the curing process. Once I used carrot puree in my soap recipe and saw through the clear lid that my soap was at the beginning stages of cracking from overheating, so I simply removed the lid--a nice save! I'm so impressed by the quality and conveniences of this mold that I'm saving for one of the Premium TS molds.

    Jeaneth Yazmin Huerta (Staten Island, US)

    This is amazing way to make soaps, and high quality molds, I will definitely buy more.PLUS Nurture Soap is an excellent company where I just get high quality product and excellent customer service .