5 Pound Loaf Silicone Liner

Our 5 pound silicone loaf mold liner holds 61.43 ounces (3.84 pounds) of oils maximum. It will hold approximately 5 pounds of finished soap. If this mold is filled to the very top, this liner can yield up to 5.9 pounds of soap before cure or cook. Results will vary depending on your unique soap recipe. This silicone soap mold liner is used in our 5 pound basic soap mold and 5 pound premium soap mold.
These liners are slightly smaller than our older 5 pound silicone liners. We have increased the tensile strength of the silicone. This lends to a stronger and more flexible liner, and the length of the liner is about 1/8" shorter. If you bought a liner before 6/15/2015 there may be a slight variance in length from your previous liners. This change affects only the outside length of the liner. The inside dimensions are the same.

This loaf mold liner is .13" thick and is made from premium food grade silicone. This liner makes 18 1" bars. It is sturdy yet very flexible, and will bow if not supported by a container. Dishwasher safe.

Can be used for: This listing includes: Dimensions:
Cold process 1. Polished silicone liner Inside of liner  18" L x 3.5" W x 2.5" H
Hot process Outside of liner 
Melt and pour Liner thickness ➜ .18"
CPOP up to 200°F Max amount of oils  61.43 oz

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