18" Soap Cutter - New Design

18" Soap Cutter - New Design

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Lovingly nicknamed "The Beast" by us, this is the new and improved design of our 18" soap cutter! The same great cutter, but even better! It's a soap cutting beast!

We have streamlined the cutter making it more compact than our previous design. There is no longer a large handle on the front, and the cutter cuts soap easily by pushing down on the bar across the top. It has deeper grooves in the base to ensure that soap can be cut through completely and with ease. It takes up less space and is visually stunning. The Nurture Soap cutter is truly a soap makers dream machine!

Our soap cutter is made by us in our shop in Wabash Indiana by an orthopedic machinist with 20 years of experience. It is made with precision detail and will last indefinitely. We sell replacement wires here if one were to ever break. We guarantee our cutters for one year from delivery from normal wear and tear.

This cutter is made of steel and is extremely heavy duty. The bottom is thick HDPE and the entire cutter is completely washable. We know soap can be messy and this machine can be completely submersed in water in order to clean it thoroughly.

As of now we have only two colors available - Metallic purple and black. We are testing many more colors and will soon have pink, green, orange, red, and teal available as well.

Soap cutters take up to six weeks to ship, and this will be reflected in the estimated shipping transit times at checkout. Cold process soap should be cut within two weeks or before it gets too hard. Do not cut melt and pour soap with our cutter! Melt and pour soap is very hard and will snap the strings of any wire soap cutter!

Our cutters are:

  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Beautiful
  • Customizeable
  • Easy to use
  • Guaranteed!

We always happy to answer questions! Please write us with questions here.

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