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    Ylang & Amber FO/EO Blend

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    Product description

    Discover the mesmerizing aroma of our Ylang Ylang & Amber Fragrance Oil, reminiscent of the captivating scent of Aveda® shampoo. Perfectly balanced rose, jasmine, lavender, and geranium notes blend with a light sweet amber touch for an exotic and mesmerizing scent. Compare to Aveda® brand Shampure™

    Fragrance Information

    📁 SDS

    📁 Allergen

    📁 IFRA 50

    • Top Notes: Green Citrus
    • Middle Notes: Florals
    • Bottom Notes: Amber

    • Phthalate and Paraben Free: Yes
    • Soap Use Rate: 6%
    • Lotion Use Rate: 2%
    • Flashpoint: 180°
    • Vanillin: 1.6%
    • Candle Use Rate: 10%

    Disclaimer: Names and trademarks of imitated fragrances are the property of their respective owners. These holders are in no way affiliated with Nurture Soap® LLC. Nurture Soap® LLC. uses these names for descriptive purposes only. These names and trademarks are not to be confused with the original fragrance, product, or brand.

    Prop 65: This product is not on the CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals.

    Testing Notes

    Tested 6/13/18 in a recipe of 33% lye solution with 5% superfat at 70 degrees. Recipe is 35% olive, 35% organic and sustainable palm, 20% coconut, and 10% castor. Slight acceleration, but completely workable. Soaping at hotter temps may accelerate trace more quickly. If making detailed swirls or designs in cold process soap, it is recommended to soap at cooler temps.

    • Acceleration in Cold Process: No
    • Discoloration in Cold Process: Medium brown/tan

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 145 reviews
    Cecilia Patton (Los Angeles, US)
    Great combo!

    I love this blend. It makes my senses warmly happy with a bright spot. The amber musk plus the Ylang Ylang flower freshness. A new fav!

    Natalia I. (Amsterdam, NL)

    I love this aroma. It's very unique and nice. Behaves well in CP soap and lasts long.

    J. (St. Cloud, US)

    I was not thinking this was gonna be a good seller but it is works good in cp soap didn't notice discoloration or acceleration and fragrance hold good


    Beautiful scent.

    J. (St. Cloud, US)

    Great scent strong and lasting didn't notice acceleration or discoloration in cp soaps

    J. (St. Cloud, US)
    Very unique

    Great scent very unique and lasts not weak which I like. I like strong fragrances. They seem to sell better in my cp soaps didn't notice discoloration.

    A.J. (Arkansas City, US)
    A good mix of citrus and amber

    This is a nice smooth scent. I like amber combined with just about any scent. This is very appealing

    A.J. (Winfield, US)
    Citrus and amber are a wonderful combination

    I am an amber fan in just about any combination, and this fragrance is especially good. The floral touch is very light.

    Hadasa (San Jose, US)
    Great smell that lasts

    I purchased this before and it was such a hit with customers. I took a little while to purchase again, cause I wanted to make them miss it :) and couldn't wait for it again. This is such a great smell that is kinda' medium range for strength, however it has really staying power. Take a shower and it stays with you thought out most of the night. When I take a shower with it, I love laying in bed and still smelling the fragrance in my room. I think you won't be disappointed. Thanks again Nurture.

    W.D. (Metairie, US)

    Smells like relaxation