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FD&C Yellow No. 5 Batch Certified Dye Powder

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Yellow 5 dye colorant makes a sunny yellow color in bath bombs, liquid soaps, and melt and pour soaps. 

Our Yellow 5 dye has a 92% dye load. 

Batch certification information is available on each jar of dyes and lakes that are sold by Nurture Soap. Mixtures are made from certified lots of colors and do not require certification of the final mixture per the FDA.

For Liquid Soap: Use dyes. Dyes are water soluble and work perfectly in liquid soaps. To use, take a small amount of dye and add it to a mixing cup and add a small amount of water until the dye is fully diluted. Approximately 3 drops of the dye mixture are needed per 4 ounces of liquid soap. Wait until your soap is fully saponified to add the dye to prevent any color changes that may be caused by high pH. All our dyes have been tested in liquid soap and work wonderfully!

For Bath Bombs: Our dyes and lakes are batch certified and approved for bath bombs, however we do not test them for this purpose as we specialize in soap making. We encourage you to read the reviews on how the dyes and lakes we offer have performed in bath bombs. Before adding this dye to bath bombs, mix a tiny bit in a small amount of water first to help disperse the dye. We prefer to use our .15cc measuring spoons to add dye to water.


FD&C Yellow No. 5 Dye Information

  • Eye Area**:Yes, also Al lake
  • Generally (includes lipsticks): Yes
  • External Use: Yes
  • Specific Limitations and Comments: N/A
  • 21 CFR Section: 74.2705

**Excludes lakes except where noted. Only aluminum lakes on alumina are permitted for designated lakes.

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