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    Vagabond FO/EO Blend

    $4.55 USD

    Experience the ultimate sense of peace and refreshment with our Vagabond FO/EO Blend! Enriched with grounding patchouli oil, this earthy blend also features notes of oakmoss extract for a clean, woodsy fragrance. Embrace your inner wanderer and feel at one with nature, no matter where life takes you! Compare to Lush® brand Tramp™

    ✽ Designer Scent
    These exceptional scents are crafted directly from the originals to work in candles, soaps, and bath and body products while capturing the authentic essence. They transcend mere imitations. They showcase meticulous craftsmanship, fervor, and dedication to the art of perfumery and are exclusive to Nurture Soap.
    Duplicated From: Eau De Parfum (EDP)
    Names and trademarks of imitated fragrances are the property of their respective owners. These holders are in no way affiliated with Nurture Soap® LLC. Nurture Soap® LLC. uses these names for descriptive purposes only. These names and trademarks are not to be confused with the original fragrance, product, or brand.
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    Customer Reviews

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    C. (Rexburg, US)
    I am in love.

    This fragrance oil is so wonderful! I've never been a patchouli-lover, but recently I've discovered just how delightful it really is, and this blend is by far my favorite unisex patchouli scent I've used (Earth Meets Sky is another fantastic choice!). I've got five other soaps curing on my rack right now and this is the one I keep coming back to and picking up for a whiff every time I walk past. It's a slightly spicy scent with a really earthy base that makes me want to wander out in the woods. I can definitely smell the oakmoss, which pairs so well with the patchouli. I didn't experience any discoloration, ricing, or accelerating in CP soap. I will be back for more!