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True Red Trio Red Mica Set


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Our other red colors are great, but they are pink-based reds. Our True Red Trio Red Mica Set is an orange-based red. Think Folgers coffee can red. BRIGHT red.

The best part about this set? It will not bleed. Ever. It is a beautifully stable and true bright red in all types of soaps.

It does require a bit of mixing, but thankfully it's not hard! Blend equal parts of all three colors together very well. This can be done by adding the colors to a bit of oil then mixing very well with a mini-mixer. You can also blend the three colors together dry in a mixing cup (be sure to mix very well) and then add oil to further disperse the color. Add this mix to your soap and viola! You will have a true and bright super red!

  • Use 2.5 - 3 teaspoons of color per pound of oil in cold process.
  • Use .75 - 1 teaspoon per pound of oil in melt and pour soap base.

This red can be premixed. This helps to disperse the colors evenly and help achieve a true red. To premix this color, mix the colors in a cup until well-blended and add enough oil to cover the blend. Mix this well and let the oils saturate the colors. This mix will not expire until the oils used to blend it do, so you can have this mix on-hand and use it whenever you're ready!

If using in melt and pour, mix the blend in a bit of alcohol or glycerin to disperse the color, and then add it to your soap base. Be sure the blend is very well-mixed before adding to your base!

We know this red is a bit more work than our Really Red!, but if you're concerned about bleeding, you can't beat our True Red Trio!

Save 20% by buying these colors in a set.

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True Red Trio: Lives Up to Name and More

This is such a perfect red, just in time for my holiday soaps to cure! I'm so happy I gave it a try!

Customer Reviews

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