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Trial by Fire Red Mica Blend


Best RED EVER!I love making custom reds in soap, AND with this red, no recipe necessary. There is a perfect red, not too pink, not too brick, but perfectly bright red - what I call a Christmas red - that this mica nail it! It's my new favorite red. Thank you! Thank you, Carrie for taking all the time to research, test and make the best red mica ever! - Bee

Introducing Trial by Fire Red Mica for cold process soap!

  • It's premixed and easy to use.
  • It is a true bright red in cold process soaps.
  • It makes true red with 2 tsp. per pound of oils.
  • Perfect for melt and pour and hot process soaps.
  • It will not bleed or migrate into other colors.

Don't let the color this mica is in the jar fool you. In the jar it looks pink. This is because of a unique mixing process we used to make this red. Add a bit to soap or oils and watch it turn bright red. It's magic!

You will not find a better red than this one anywhere. This is blended in a specialized blending machine in-house at Nurture Soap. We don't sell this blend as a set such as our True Red Trio. After much testing, we have found the ultimate blend that works in soap every single time.

We offer other red sets, but blending micas + pigments it takes to make red can be tricky. Depending on many factors, our Really Red! may migrate. It was the first true red on the market and we're so proud of that, but we knew there was room for improvement. We studied every factor of what it takes to make the perfect red mica. As a result, we have created the true holy grail of red - Trial by Fire Red Mica.

INCI Mica, polyester 3, acid red 92, titanium dioxide, iron oxide
Micron Size 1-100 microns
FDA approved for Bath Bombs No
FDA approved for External Use No
FDA approved for Eye Area No
FDA approved for Lips No
Use Rate for CP and HP 1.5 - 2 tsp. per pound of oils
Use Rate for MP .5 tsp. per pound

    It is very important to start with a white base. Soaping oils that are yellow or green will affect any color. Do not add Titanium Dioxide to whiten the base, as this will make the red more pastel.

    Do not use more than 2 teaspoons per pound! You don't need to. This color is a rich red at 1.5 - 2 tsp. per pound of oils (a great use rate for red). More will make a more brick colored red than using it at the recommended use rate. Using Trial by Fire at 1 tsp. per pound will make a very rich rose color that is quite beautiful as well! 1.5 - 2 tsp. per pound of oils is the perfect use rate in our testing.

    We have tested this color with normal use rates in several soaps and have not experienced bleed or migration. It's a perfect, true red every time.

    Trial by Fire is a mica-based pigment. It will need to be blended into your soap well for best results. You may portion off a tablespoon (or so) of your soap making oils and disperse the color before adding it to your soap.

    When used at 2 tsp. per pound of oils in CP soap, this red would transfer to a washcloth but once rinsed, came right of the cloth. You may want to test a small amount for staining if you are concerned that this color may stain washcloths.

    This color does not migrate at 2 tsp. per pound of oils.Migration is when one color bleeds into the other in soap. We have many samples of this red used against white in cold process soap. Absolutely no migration has occurred. The use rate of testing was 2 tsp. per pound.

    We discovered a small recipe tweak that makes Trial by Fire even brighter! Batches 330666 (beginning 12/16/19) and after contain the formulation change. The ingredients deck and use rate did not change.

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    awesome red
    Fantastic red!
    True red!

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