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    The Devil's Door FO/EO Blend

    $3.78 USD

    Upon a hill close to Portesham England lies the monument known as Hell Stone. One legend has it that the Devil himself tossed the stones into a pile in a game of quoits he was playing. Another tells us that this is a stone risen from Hell from which the Devil uses as a door.

    Discover the depth and complexity of The Devil's Door fragrance oil. Blending spicy cumin, smoky beeswax and musky vetiver, this oil radiates strength and masculinity with a sweet finish. Transport you to an devilishly unknown realm! Compare to Lush® brand Hellstone™

    Names and trademarks of imitated fragrances are the property of their respective owners. These holders are in no way affiliated with Nurture Soap® LLC. Nurture Soap® LLC. uses these names for descriptive purposes only. These names and trademarks are not to be confused with the original fragrance, product, or brand.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 130 reviews
    M. (Orlando, US)
    The Devil's Door Fragrance Oil

    Nice scent

    E.M. (Sevierville, US)

    Great unisex fall scent. Warm and spicy.

    C. (Waterford, CA)
    Another Favourite

    I can't describe this scent but it's a fav! I use it in sprays and oils and love the name

    L.D. (Lake Stevens, US)
    Love it out of the bottle

    I haven't used it in products yet, but like it very much out of the bottle. I put a little on my arm (I know it should be diluted, I couldn't help myself) and really loved the way I smelled all day. I'm going to use it this afternoon in bath bombs.

    J.L. (Lewiston, US)
    Smokey sweet

    Out of the bottle this smelled like the soda Dr. Pepper and I was a bit worried.. when I used it in some CP soap I figured this was a flop, it was so strong and sweet, but once cured the smell mellowed out and redeemed itself. I'll always keep this one in my collection.

    H.N. (Annandale, US)
    Devil's Door

    Worked great in my cold process soap. Used for a Lord of the Rings Mount Doom soap. I had tried a smoke fragrance before and found it overpowering and not very pleasant, and this fits the theme while still being a nice scent.

    R.S. (Turlock, US)
    Soft masculine scent

    Interesting oob but very soft in cp.

    V.F. (Youngstown, US)
    very light

    not what I was expecting. might have to blend with something 3.5/5

    E.M. (Sevierville, US)

    Just used this in a body butter and it's amazing.

    K. (Chicopee, US)
    Light but nice

    I was expecting this one to be super strong but its a nice light unisex scent.