Sunshine Yellow Mica Powder


Please note that this batch of Sunshine Yellow mica is not as bright as previous batches. Firefly is the brightest mica we carry at this time.

Sunshine yellow is one of the most intense yellow micas we offer. Other yellows can fade in cold process, but Sunshine Yellow burns bright where others won't! Because yellow itself is a lighter color, we recommend 2 teaspoons per pound of oils for the most intense and brilliant yellow in cold and hot process soaps.

Product Information
MP Use Rate .5-1 tsp. per pound of oils Micron Size 10-60
CP Use Rate 1-2 tsp. per pound of oils Safe for Eyes Yes
Soap Stable Yes Safe for Lips Yes
Color Bleed or Migration No Safe for Lotions, etc. Yes

Label Information
Mica 77019 12001-26-2
Titanium Dioxide 77891 13463-67-7
Iron Oxide 77492 51274-00-1

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