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    Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

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    Product description

    Sodium hydroxide (lye) is an essential component of making soap. Our sodium hydroxide is in bead form. We chose beads because we find them easier to work with than flakes. They also dissolve more easily and flow out of the container with ease. If static is an issue, wipe your measuring container with a dryer sheet before filling with lye. Our lye is sourced in the USA and is 99.2% pure!

    You can't make soap without lye! In its pure form lye is caustic. Once added to oils and water, the process of saponification occurs and no lye is left in the final product (soap) if used correctly.


      Lye is hazardous. By purchasing this product you agree to the following:

      1. You will be using this product to make soap only.
      2. You will keep the product from children and pets.
      3. You will not resell this product (lye).
      4. You are at least 18 years of age.
      5. You assume all responsibility for safe use and proper storage.
      6. You understand lye is poisonous and can cause death if ingested.
      7. You understand that lye can cause bodily harm.
      8. You have read the SDS and understand safe handling, disposal, and use of lye.

      Shipping Restrictions

      Lye can only be shipped ground and for this reason, we ship lye to 48 contiguous states and Canada only! If you order this item and you are not in the contiguous 48 states or Canada, we will NOT send it with your order!

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 511 reviews
      Kimberly Chaney (Wichita, US)
      Sodium Hydroxide

      Thank you, NS, for providing a great product. I appreciate the safety precautions taken in packaging, and the delivery time was prompt as well.

      Ashley Barker (Saginaw, US)
      Nurture Soap order

      Very pleased with the quick processing/shipment of my sodium hydroxide order. It works great in my soaps and I haven’t had any issues with it!

      Aaron G. (Jacksonville, US)
      Best Price

      It has good pricing and it's high quality. I like how it's in bead form, it makes it easy to handle and dissolves quickly.

      Ashley Anomalay (Meridian, US)
      Well Packaged and Easy to Use

      I’ve ordered this lye a couple of times now. It works great in. my CP soaps! I appreciate the careful packaging too!

      Travis Wampler (Indianapolis, US)
      Always good

      The company and product have never done me wrong. Orders right and complete. Always prompt and product is very good.

      K.A. (Cincinnati, US)
      Works great

      Not clumpy and does the trick! Good quality.

      E. (Huntington, US)
      Works great

      I prefer the beads over the flakes. With free shipping, this is also the least expensive lye I've found.


      Great products!

      A.W.F.T. (Queens, US)
      Good quality, safe packaging

      Good quality, safe packaging - Never had an issue before with the Lye @ Nurture Soap. Shipping is incredibly fast as well! Great service!

      Ashley Gonzalez (Houma, US)
      Cold process soap

      Fantastic product. My go too. Best price on the market.