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Snowflake Sparkle Mica


A must have!The snowflake sparkle mica makes any color soap sparkle...even hp soap! A little goes a long way so I add this to all my accent colors for an added shimmer. Snowflake sparkle is a must have! - Angela

If you love the look of glitter on soaps but don't want to use it, Snowflake Sparkle mica is a great and less expensive alternative. Adding Snowflake Sparkle to the tops of soaps will add a glitter effect, but without the potential scratchiness.

Another great thing about this mica? It can add sparkle to soaps! If used at about 2 teaspoons per pound of oils in cold and hot process, this mica will give your soaps a subtle shimmer. Used in clear melt and pour the shimmer effect will be much more dramatic. This is a mica that should be in every soaper's arsenal!

INCI Mica, titanium dioxide
Micron Size 50-500
FDA approved for Bath Bombs No - Read why here
FDA approved for Eye Area No
FDA approved for Lips No
Use Rate for CP and HP 2 tsp. per pound
Use Rate for MP .5 tsp. per pound

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful White Sparkle

Wonderful clean wss white color with plenty of sparkle.

Beautiful topper mica!

I've used this on the top of a couple soaps so far, it makes a beautiful finisher if you don't want to use glitter - really catches the light!

The best!!

I got this because I love the way Micas shimmer but you lose that in CP. I tried it first in a all white soap. There are sparkles there but because the background is also white it doesn’t show up AS well (unless of course the sun hits it, or you look close). colored soaps!! OMG! I’m!!
Created what was supposed to be a sunset soap. Eh didn’t turn out but that was my fault. I put this snowflake sparkle mica in the darker blue for stars. Gorgeous!!!
I’m still figuring out a good usage rate.

I have a problem

I can't stop using this mica! It's amazing! I like to add it to my whole soap base so the whole soap has a shimmer then I like to spritz the top with it too. I adore it!


I love this glitter..its got just the right sparkle with out showing up as spots on my projects..I usually have nice photos done of my soaps wax melts and car candles but glitter shows up as little brown specs..not with this! It shows up glittering and gives the finished project a bit of sparkle that catches the eye..the jar I ordered is quite a lot and a little goes a long way..not much is needed..this jar will last a long time..I have already used it on top of my soap cupcakes..wax melts and in many of my car candles..customers love it ..It looks especially great when mixed in my clear or white car candles..they come out so sparkly! Cant beat the price either..better than anywhere else! love nurture soap//one stop shopping for all supplies!

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