Royalty Soaps Piping Set


Pipe soaps like the fabulous Katie White from Royalty Soaps! This kit includes everything you need and exclusive access to Katie's videos that will teach you step-by-step how to make beautiful decorative piped tops on your soaps. 

Exclusive content will be available to you that is not offered anywhere else and will be included in the set. This is a result of a partnership between Nurture Soaps and the amazing Katie White! A special access code to exclusive videos will be included with you Royalty Soaps Piping Kit. At this time there are three videos for this kit made Katie that will make you a piping master! More videos will be added soon for the new piping accessories we make available to you.

If you have never watched Katie's videos before, you need to! Katie is adorable, full of sunshine, and so fun to watch. She is also an AMAZING soap maker! You can watch her on Royalty Soaps YouTube Channel.

A password to access the content will be provided in the piping set. You can access the videos at this link:

What you get with the set:

  • 1 ounce jars of each of Purple Vibrance, Brilliant Blue, and Raspberry Red micas.
  • 5 gram jars of Shimmer Gold, Snowflake Sparkle, and Green Vibrance micas.
  • 5 gram jars of Gold (now replaced by Solar Storm) and Intergalactic glitters. 
  • All the tools you need to pipe like a pro! 6 piping bags, 2 pipettes, 6 mixing cups, and 1 Nurture measuring spoon.
  • Small, medium, and large piping couplers.
  • Piping tips: Ateco #826, #849, #352, #808, and #4 stainless steel piping tips.
  • Exclusive access to Royalty Soaps' videos with recipes, piping instructing, and how to pipe amazing soaps!

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