Red Water Soluble Bath Bomb Dye Mixture

Red Water Soluble Bath Bomb Dye Mixture


Our Red Bath Bomb Dye Mix contains certified D&C Red 33, FD&C Yellow 6. Rather than having an orange tone such as Red 40 dye, this dark red has an underlying blue tone. This means that the red is more true and intense than straight red dye. Many people have a hard time achieving a true red in bath bombs. Our Dark Red mix makes this easier than ever before!

This product ships free to 48 states and is in powder form.

Approved use: Lips at less than 3% and general use. Not for use around eyes.

Our water soluble dyes are very potent and FDA compliant. You will receive them in very easy to use jars. They produce very vibrant colors in bath bombs, and no polysorbate 80 is needed when using them. Very little goes a long way!

Our dyes and dye mixes are 85-98% pure dyes. They will not stain your skin if used correctly, and the powders will not cling to the sides of the tub the way micas and lake colors can. There will be no residue floating on top of the water, and the water soluble dyes will color the bath water an amazing and intense color.

When purchasing dye mixes, a certificate of compliance will not be received. There is no certification for dye blends. What is required by the FDA is lot numbers that can be tracked to locate the original batch certified lot that was mixed to make the dye. We can provide this for you upon request.

When purchasing straight dyes and lakes, you will receive a certificate of compliance upon request. Nurture Soap has certification directly with the FDA, and we have each of our straight dyes and lakes tested and certified by the FDA before selling. Each lot and batch number of these dyes is issued directly to us, and we also label each jar with the FDA-issued numbers as well as appropriate safety use.

Dyes may appear a different color in the jar than when added to water. If your color appears different don't worry. Add a tiny amount to water and watch the color bloom! Dyes are absolutely amazing in this way. They will surprise you!

To dissolve pure dye, add it to a small amount of water first. Transfer the dissolved dye to baking soda. This is called blooming the dye. Once bloomed, you can use the dye and baking soda mixture in your bath bombs. You can also use dyes in bubble bars and bath salts although the application will be different. It is the responsibility of the consumer to test in products. Use rates will also vary depending on the application of the dye.

We don't recommend dye for soap making as many are not pH stable and may migrate and bleed.

 If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Label Information
D&C Red 33
FD&C Yellow 6