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    Red 40 Batch Certified Dye Powder

    $2.00 USD

    Intensify your bath bombs, MP soaps, and more with our Red 40 Dye Powder! The vibrant and strong dye will make you stand out with its 90% dye concentration.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 126 reviews
    Branka (Chicago, US)
    Great product

    I use the Red 40 dye for my bath bombs and color is very strong and beautiful. Great and vibrant red color and disperse great in water. Little of dye goes long way.

    L.C. (Geneva, US)
    True Red

    I appreciate this dye for its True Red Color! It's not my favorite primary red for mixing, though still a beautiful deep Red!

    V. (Millbrook, US)
    Red dye

    My son’s best friend, may as well be brother, wanted RED oatmeal milk and honey body wash, his fav color. Hubby said it looked pink right after I got done making it. It was from the air bubbles. It was absolutely red the next morning after bubbles cleared.

    A.L. (Bolingbrook, US)
    nice red

    i used this to make bath bomb embeds and it worked really well. nice and bright. a little goes a long way!

    A.R. (Waukee, US)
    Works great in bath bombs!

    I love using this dye in my bath bombs for a fun color! Dyes do fade in the sun, but I have no problem with fading if keeping the bath bombs in the shade when at sales. I will keep repurchasing!

    M. (Waukee, US)
    Great product

    Makes a lovely red in my bath bombs and embeds. Lasts a long time as a little goes a long way! I like using this red for embeds more than bb for true red.


    Just adding to my arsenal of dyes😉

    Jacqueline Mayse (Dallas, US)
    Red 40 dye

    I love the speedy shipping and the dye is part of a collection since I’m learning about bath bombs dyes. I 💕 love it

    S.N. (Bruce, US)
    Nurture Soaps is my GO-TO for dyes and lakes!

    Nurture Soaps is my GO-TO for dyes and lakes!!! The dyes pack a punch! Can’t recommend enough!

    H. (East Saint Louis, US)
    Rich Color!

    Provides that deep, rich red color I'm always looking for!