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Red 28 Batch Certified Dye Powder


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Red 28 dye colorant makes an intense hot pink color in bath bombs, liquid soaps, and melt and pour soaps. It is a more red shade than our Red 27 Dye. This color can be mixed with Blue 1 Dye to make a fantastic purple color!

Our Red 28 dye has an 87% dye load.

Batch certification information is available on each jar of dyes and lakes that are sold by Nurture Soap. Mixtures are made from certified lots of colors and do not require certification of the final mixture per the FDA.

You can get many shades of colors from just a few colors using dyes. For example, D&C Red 27 and FD&C Blue 1 make purple. Try it with our color blender.

Dyes need to be activated with water to become the color they are meant to be. For example, our green dye will be an orange powder until it is activated with water.

We love dyes for melt and pour soap! To use, activate a small bit of dye with water and add to MP. Dyes color the soap very well and remain translucent in clear MP. 

You can use dyes for bath bombs in different ways:

(1) Activate with water and bloom the dye. You can bloom by adding water to the dye, then adding it to your baking soda. The baking soda then gets added to the rest of your dry ingredients.

(2) You can also add the activated dye to your liquid phase. With this method, polysorbate 80 will need to be used to incorporate the activated dye with the oils in your bath bomb mix.

Dyes should not be used in CP soap. They will morph and bleed.

INCI D&C Red No. 28 Dye
Safe for Bath Bombs Yes
Safe for External Use Yes
Safe for Eyes No
Safe for Lips Yes
Limitations No
21 CFR Section 74.2328

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