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Orchid Purple Mica


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Orchid Purple mica pops with color! It is just a bit more subdued than our Purple Vibrance mica. It is a very dependable purple that works brilliantly in cold process and hot process soaps. If you are looking for a purple that will not change color or give you unexpected surprises in soaps, you must try this! Many purples can morph in soap, but Orchid purple behaves beautifully.

CP: Mix 1 part color with 1 part oil then add to soap.

MP: Mix mica in 91% rubbing alcohol then add to soap base.

HP: Add micas toward the end of the cook to retain the most color.

Avoid green and yellow oils. The whiter the base, the brighter the color! Gelling soap makes colors pop. Read our FAQ section for more info on using colors.

Bath Bombs (if safe for use): Use polysorbate 80 when using mica to color bath bombs. This will help disperse the color and prevent a powder ring around the tub.

INCI Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, manganese violet
Micron Size 10-60
Safe for Bath Bombs Yes
Safe for External Use Yes
Safe for Eyes Yes
Safe for Lips Yes
Use Rate for CP and HP 1 tsp. per pound
Use Rate for MP .5 tsp. per pound

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