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Katie's Blend Soap Making Oils - Discontinued

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This blend has been discontinued. See our new and improved Nurture Soap Making Blend.

This blend contains the following FOOD GRADE pre-mixed oils:

We have prebuilt a recipe in a soaping calculator for your convenience. You can find the recipe here: Scroll down the page and click edit recipe.

This oil blend comes in a plastic F-Style jug. This blend stays quite fluid at room temperature, so if you are storing your oils at room temp you can shake the jug to sufficiently mix the oils. To warm cold oils, place the jug in a warm water bath. I have found that filling the sink with warm water and placing the jug in the sink is sufficient to warm colder oils.

These recipes were created in Soapcalc using full water. Soaping with full water is ideal for beginners. It will make your soap fluid longer and give plenty of time for the delicate swirls we all love!

For more information on water discounts in soap, look at this article: Understanding Water Discounts and Lye Solution in Soap Making.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
So easy to use

Love love love this oil blend. I hope they get it back in stock again. Thank you Nuture Soap.

Very good

Nice and smooth! Very easy to work with! Hope they will bring it back one day!


I'm sad that this has been discontinued. This is and will continue to be my favorite. Please consider bringing this back!!

Hi Jeanette! We have replaced this blend with a similar, much less expensive version here:
Great Blend!

I love this blend of oils conveniently premixed. It preformed beautifully and I'm a little disappointed that it has been discontinued but I will definitely be trying the new blend.

I’m in love!!

I thank you all for your support help you gave me. I am enjoying my products. Just disappointed with you will no longer have Katie’s blend. But I will continue being a loyal customer . These are my very first cold process soaps. The more I make the better I will be. Trial and Error .

Customer Reviews

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