Nurture Soap's Frozen Type Fragrance Oil


Nurture Soap's Frozen Type fragrance oil is one of our exclusive scents formulated from the original perfume by Lush® to be identical to the original. It is a delightful fragrance comprised of grapefruit and neroli with hints of rose. This is not an overly floral scent and will appeal to those who typically do not like floral smells. The citrus in the blends rounds out this fragrance very nicely giving it a burst of freshness. The rose in the blend does accelerate in soap and care should be taken when making cold process soaps. We recommend soaping at room temperature with full water with this fragrance. This is a fragrance oil and essential oil blend.


Soap Usage Lotion Usage Phthalate Free Flashpoint Vanillin Discoloration Acceleration
5% .01% Yes 151° F 0.00% Very Light Moderate

Our sample sizes are filled to the top of a 20 ml bottle and vary from .5 to 1 oz.

All fragrances by Nurture Soap® are IFRA compliant. It is the responsibility of the consumer to evaluate them for safety.

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