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New Beginnings


We named this fragrance oil New Beginnings because it smells like the very best of spring. It has green notes punctuated by citrus with an element of earth. It is spring in a bottle! It is a rich yet bright blend of lime and grapefruit top notes enhanced by middle notes of warm sandalwood and vetiver with the slightest hint of caraway and cedar at the bottom. It's perfect for men and women and behaved perfectly for us in our soap testing.

In the cold Indiana winters, I dream of spring...The sunshine greets me and there are pokes of green coming from the ground. The air smells fresh and bright and I become alive again after the long dreary winter. It's the most beautiful experience. This fragrance reminds me of this time and I fell in love at first sniff! I know you'll love it, too!

Tested 6/14/18 by Carrie T. (owner) in a recipe of 33% lye solution with 5% superfat at 70 degrees. Recipe is 35% olive, 35% organic and sustainable palm, 20% coconut, and 10% castor. No acceleration. One of my favorite scents! Acted great in CP.

Top Notes

Middle Notes

Bottom Notes

Phthalate Free Yes
Soap Use Rate 6%
Lotion Use Rate 2%
Acceleration in Cold Process No
Discoloration in Cold Process No
Flashpoint 176°
Vanillin 0%
Candle Use Rate 10%
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Customer Reviews

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I wasn't sure about the smell inside the bottle but when I used it in my cold process soap it mellowed perfectly and smells Devine!


Not a fan. It doesn’t smell bad, it’s just doesn’t smell good (to me). I haven’t used it in anything yet because the scent hasn’t appealed to me from the bottle. Will update later once it’s actually been used

Spring has sprung!!

I truly cannot fathom how anyone could give this FO less than 5 stars... I'd give it more if I could!! EXACTLY as how it's described in its description is what it smells like! It really IS spring, captured in a bottle! This is one of those aromas I truly feel ANYONE would enjoy- it's not "too much" of anything, rather, a simply gorgeous scent, blended to perfection & ready to take you on an aromatic journey to the great, fresh outdoors! First sniff, it's new, fresh & delicately green-smelling. Second sniff, subtle notes of happy citrus greet the nose! Not in the usual, boisterously citrusy way tho! More like a kiss of tender citrus that leaves you feeling uplifted & cheerful! Third sniff, green vetiver & something so subtly woodsy & enveloping capture the senses, like an embrace from nature itself! It all comes together to make something uniquely wonderful & freshly outdoorsy in CP! This isn't a "loud" scent by any means, but I've been so impressed to find its aroma has only become stronger in my soaps as they cure! I used this magnificent fragrance with NS's Brazilian Clay Set (GORGEOUS natural colorants!) for a recent blog post & it's been one of my absolute favorite projects to date! Absolutely ZERO ricing, acceleration or discoloration in my CP clay soap recipe, and the aroma has only continued to be divine in application! This FO and NS's Cottongrass FO speak to my soul! They're both sensational, yet completely unique from each other. They take you on a nature-inspired aromatic escape from the very first sniff! If you're a lover of the beautiful outdoors, I HIGHLY recommend BOTH!!

Lovely! Light. powdery, and fresh.

I used a 1 oz sample of this for an impromptu batch of M&P gifting soap for the holidays. I was pleasantly surprised how nice this scent turned out. It's very light and slightly powdery. It's notes are pretty gentle to the nose but I see other reviewers have stated it holds up in CP. Yay! I have another tester so I'll pull out my 2 lb. mold and give it a trial run. I bet it will make fabulous bath bombs, this scent is very good.

Clean and fresh scent

Very fresh and clean smell. Used in cp soap. So far fragrance is holding after 4 weeks.

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