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    Material Girl Mica Blend

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    Product description

    Meet Material Girl Mica Blend - the bold, iconic shade that's guaranteed to make a statement. It's unique, unforgettable, and unapologetic.

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    Ingredients & Info

    📁 SDS

    INCI: Mica, polyester 3, titanium dioxide, acid red 92 (uncertified D&C red 28), manganese violet, tin oxide
    Micron Size: 1-100

    Cosmetic use:
    • N/A - Use for Soap Only

    Ideal for:
    • Soap
    • Resin
    • Crafts
    • Wax Melts

    Prop 65: Titanium dioxide (airborne, unbound particles of respirable size) is on the Proposition 65 list because it can cause cancer. Exposure to titanium dioxide may increase the risk of cancer. Once incorporated into a liquid or solid base it is no longer airborne and falls off the Prop 65 list.

    Because this is a Nurture Soap custom color, we do not provide CoA information. Please take this into account if you need a safety assessment performed for your soap (i.e. European Union).

    What Does Uncertified Dye/Lake Mean? Why is it important?

    Synthetic color additives, also known as certified colors, are required to undergo batch certification, a process in which the FDA analyzes a representative sample of each batch of the color additive to ensure it meets the required identity and specifications before it can be used. 

    Nurture Soap has a certification account with the FDA, and we send each lake and dye to be analyzed before being released for sale. However, the rules are different for mixtures. A mixture is a combination of two or more lakes or dyes, or the addition of a diluent. A diluent commonly used in neon colors is polyurethane 11, such as our neon colors. A mixture containing dye or lakes must be made using certified colors at the manufacturer. We asked the Color Certification Branch Chief at the FDA, and were told a mixture cannot be certified by a distributor or down-the-chain supplier. The manufacturer must do it.

    Here's the tricky part: There is one manufacturer that most neon colors come from. They are not US-based and perhaps exempt from US law. They market the neons as, for example, Polyurethane11 (and) D&C red no. 28, but when asked they stated that the dye used (D&C red no. 28) was in fact, not certified.

    Ouch. The issue is that each batch of dyes and lakes must be analyzed and certified by the FDA to be used in cosmetics. If not, the dye or lake must be identified by its uncertified name and marked as non-cosmetic grade.

    • Uncertified D&C red no. 28 is acid red 92.
    • Uncertified FD&C yellow 5 is tartrazine.

    It’s against the law to market FDA-regulated products in the United States that contain a certifiable color additive from an uncertified batch. If you see a neon color containing polyurethane 11 and "certified" dye, buyer beware. It is not truly certified, and it is not cosmetic grade. It does, however, make strikingly beautiful soaps!

    Learn more about FDA Color Certification

    Soap Use Notes

    • Use rate in cold & hot process soaps: 1-2 teaspoons per pound of oils.
    • Use rate in melt & pour soaps: .5 teaspoons per pound of oils.

    ~ More or less can be added to achieve your desired color. These usage rates are recommended for no colored lather. ~

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 168 reviews
    T.B. (Eugene, US)
    Living in a material world, and I am a MATERIAL GIRL!

    This was the perfect hot pink for my soap project! Since this mica is called "Material Girl," I turned on Madonna's song of the same name and created a fun soap that fits the song! It came out perfectly!

    mean soul Jung (Seoul, KR)

    very good

    T. (Mount Vernon, US)
    Really vibrant color

    Just the color I needed to make a dragon fruit soap will buy more

    S.M. (New York, US)
    Pretty and bold

    This pink really pops. It's one of my favorites to use. I'm generally a pink lover but if you like pink with some vibrancy, this is great.

    M.S. (Corner Brook, CA)
    Pretty pink!

    This pink is hot hot hot! People are saying it reminds them of the 80s. It does! It reminds me of the Barbie doll logo. I use it in my Black Raspberry Vanilla soap with a white top. Everyone loves the color.

    H.S. (Cullowhee, US)
    The pigmentation!

    I cannot believe the pigmentation of this color. Fantastic hot pink.

    A. (Fredericksburg, US)
    Ordered this 3 times now

    It's a hot barbie pink and one of my top 3 favorites

    I. (Mexico City, MX)
    Pretty and shiny.

    This is a shiny neon pink. More discreet than the magenta. In the picture are CPOP soaps side by side.

    A. (Winthrop, US)
    80s pink!!!

    This color is amazing! It screams 1980s to me and I love it. Bold and bright!

    A.L. (Bolingbrook, US)
    awesome color

    This is one of my go-to colors! Its a really nice bright pink but also makes fabulous pastels if you just use a little