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    Lemon Essential Oil

    $3.55 USD

    Lemon Essential Oil is an ideal choice for adding a bright, fresh, and citrusy top note to any blend. With an impressively strong odor strength, it adds a delightful zest and energizing scent, especially when blended with lime and bergamot oils.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Dragonfly Bath Works (Daleville, US)
    Lemon Essential OIl

    This one is the perfect lemon and the perfect price.
    It lasts a long time in body butter and an CP soap.

    S.R. (Chicago, US)
    Very Lemon

    This is definitely a straight up lemon scent, which makes sense being an essential oil. No frills, no sugar, just lemon. And I like it! It behaves extremely well in soap. It is not super potent after soaponification. YouTube video placeholder
    Jackie Dennis (Orlando, US)

    Oh my. Strong indeed. Thank heavens I got a the bigger size bottle. Looking forward to using this one.

    L. (Madison Heights, US)
    Didn't hold scent for me in CP soap

    This smelled good OOB and purchased based on all the good reviews; however, it didn't hold well for me in CP soap. I wouldn't purchase again. First thing I've purchased from NurtureSoap that I really didn't like.

    K.H. (Reno, US)

    I have used this in both CP and a hard lotion bar. The lemon scent stays true through cure (CP). Loved in the lotion bar as well. Behaves beautifully. Totally recommend if you want a pure lemon scent.

    C Jeanjulien (Warner Robins, US)
    Love this smell

    I am in love with this scent. It reminds me of a fresh squeezed glass of lemonade. It was perfect for my CP soap.

    H.P. (Westminster, US)
    Perfect to blend

    I used this essential oil, blended with Black Raspberry Vanilla FO mixed with Kaolin Clay in CP Milk soap. It smells wonderful, like Raspberry Lemonade!

    It has been curing for about a month and the fragrance is holding strong.
    I would recommend this Essential Oil.

    D.A. (Naples, US)
    Love the Lemon Scent!

    I purchased this oil for my melt & pour soap. The scent is refreshing and very good! Will definitely buy it again.....

    H.N. (Annandale, US)

    Great price and great product

    J. (Sunnyvale, US)
    Great lemon scent

    Great for room sprays!