Klein Blue Mica Powder


Klein blue is the color of royalty. It is rich in hue and a darker blue than our other micas. This is a great blue to use if your soap oils have a darker yellow or green base, because the blue is so rich it will make offsetting the color of the oils easier while still achieving a bright gorgeous blue. With clear oils it is one of the most beautiful blues we have ever seen. Rich, deep, dark, and intense...This is Klein blue.

Product Information
MP Use Rate .5-1 tsp. per pound of oils Micron Size 10-60
CP Use Rate 1-2 tsp. per pound of oils Safe for Eyes Yes
Soap Stable Yes Safe for Lips No
Color Bleed or Migration No Safe for Lotions, etc. Yes

Label Information
Mica 77019 12001-26-2
Titanium Dioxide 77891 13463-67-7
Ultramarine Blue 77007 57455-37-5

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