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Infamous fragrance oil is amazing. It's sweet and sultry and even just a bit powdery, with a strong floral aroma that is mysterious and enchanting. In soap, this fragrance smells like cotton candy, but even better! Compare to Lush® brand Rock Star™

Tested 6/15/18 by Carrie T. (owner) in a recipe of 33% lye solution with 5% superfat at 75 degrees. Recipe is 35% olive, 35% organic and sustainable palm, 20% coconut, and 10% castor. No acceleration. Soaped perfectly.

Phthalate Free Yes
Soap Use Rate 6%
Lotion Use Rate 2%
Acceleration in Cold Process No
Discoloration in Cold Process Medium tan
Flashpoint 200°
Vanillin 0%
Candle Use Rate 10%
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Customer Reviews

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Smells exactly like Lush’s

Smells delicious, cotton candy type scent. I love rockstar scent from lush, with this scent I can make my own version of soaps with my favorite scent!

The very best fragrance!!!!

I can’t say how sad I am this fragrance is discontinued! I’ve ordered it more times than any other! It’s amazing and a best seller! It does not change colors in products and everyone loves it!! I ordered as much as I could before it was gone! I guess I will have to start rationing it!


Smells just like it should. Absolutely delicious! I haven’t tried it in cold processed soap yet, but I’m looking forward to creating an amazing new soap with it!

Great for CP soap!

When I initially stirred this fragrance oil into the soap, I was worried that it might discolor based on experiences I've had with other oils with similar notes. This one, though, worked perfectly (there may have been a slight acceleration, but I was also soaping at a different temperature than normal so it's difficult to tell), and it's holding strong to the soap!

Such a beautiful surprise!

This isn't a scent profile I normally gravitate towards (I'm not one for candy-like scents), but I went FO shopping while I was hungry, and the description just sounded yummy!😂 I was surprised that I found myself really enjoying this fragrance OOB, and even more surprised that I LOOOVE this in CP! I used 1oz/PPO, and while cutting the loaf, the scent filled my entire kitchen! This is a sweet, candy-like scent like no other (dare I say, a candy-type scent for all ages)! Not your typical, generic, overly sweet smell, this aroma has a beautiful depth & complexity that has me impatiently wanting to suds up with a bar NOW, while also being tempted to take a bite! There's a familiarity to this aroma that I can't quite put my finger on, but brings back memories of favorite candies from my childhood (Necos perhaps??). Nostalgia meets something modern and unique though, as undertones of gentle, powdery-like notes tame its sugary sweetness a little, lending a touch of cozy sophistication to this well-balanced blend. Faint whispers of indefinable florals in the background give this aroma somewhat of a ladylike & coquetish character, making it alluring, fun and flirtatious all at the same time! Behaved beautifully in CP too, allowing me all the time in the world for a 6-color design in a recipe consisting of 60% hard oils/butters, 10% castor, kaolin clay, 35% lye concentration and a white piped-top! My colors have been unaffected by any discoloration, and the scent in appliaction is outstandingly fragrant without bombarding the senses! Even FO's I thought I wouldn't particularly care for have really WOW'd me here at Nurture, and this company has really gotten me out of my comfort zone with their outstanding FO's! It's the exact reason why I log in almost daily now, just to check if any new fragrances have been added to NS's stock! They carry only the best here!

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