Green Water Soluble Dye Mixture


Our Green Dye Mix contains certified FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue 1. This product ships free to 48 states and is in powder form.

Dyes and lakes make amazing colors in liquid soaps. To add water soluble dyes to soaps, blend the dye in a bit of water and add to the soap. To use lakes, polysorbate 80 must be used to properly suspend and evenly distribute the color into liquid soap. Start with a very small amount of color, as our lakes and dyes are very concentrated!

In order to minimize waste, all documents for this product will be provided via email upon request. This color is certified for Nurture Soap Inc. and is packaged at our facility. This items SHIPS FREE to 48 states.

Green Water Soluble Dye Mixture
Eye Area** Yes, also Al lake
Generally (Includes Lipsticks) Yes
External Use Yes
Specific Limitations and Comments N/A
21 CFR Section 74.2705 74.2101
**Excludes lakes except where noted. Only aluminum lakes on alumina are permitted for designated lakes.

Nurture Soap tests colors in soaps, and sells colors for use in soaps. While we provide safety information for each product, we don't sell them for any other purpose than soap. Use in other products is at the discretion of the consumer.

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