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Gold Bio-Glitter® is a deep yellow-gold biodegradable glitter that flashes brilliantly in the light. In the jar, it has a brassy hue but once applied it flashes with the radiance of the sun!

Most commercially available glitters are based on plastic film and have minimal biodegradability. Biodegradable glitter is based on a film that is certified compostable. The biodegradable element of the glitter is derived from sustainable sources.

Bath bombs: Color not approved for bath bomb use due to aluminum as an unapproved ingredient. Read our blog post here: Colors for Bath Bombs. See our Glitters Safe for Bath Bombs.

Cold process soap: Use on top of soap for dramatic shimmer and shine! For a no-mess experience use our Glitter Spray Pump. This glitter should be used on top of soaps and not in the soap itself, as it can melt under high temperatures.

Melt and pour: This glitter may be scratchy in melt and pour. We recommend our mineral based eco-friendly Enviroglitters instead.

Hot process soap: Same as cold process instructions above.

Liquid soap: Glitters are not recommended for liquid soap as they will sink to the bottom and will not remain suspended.

Candles: Glitters are not recommended as they may clog the wick. Try our Dyes instead.

Features & Benefits Summary:

  • Biodegradable base film
  • Certified as industrially compostable
  • Suitable for anaerobic digestion
  • Marine and waste water biodegradable
  • Renewable sourced raw materials
  • Highly reflective and precision cut glitter
  • Suited for use in dry, water-based and oil-based applications*

*Given the many possible uses and formulations incorporating glitters, it is the responsibility of the buyer to test performance in application before final use.

INCI Regenerated Cellulose/Rayon, Glycerin (plant derived), Aqua, Urea, Styrene/Acrylate Copolymer, FD&C Yellow No., 5 Aluminum Lake, Aluminium
Hex Size .008
Safe for Bath Bombs No
Safe for External Use Yes
Safe for Eyes No
Safe for Lips No

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