Ginger & Lime Fragrance Oil

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Experience the exhilarating blend of ginger and lime with our Ginger and Lime Fragrance Oil! Its top notes of lime and orange induce an energizing rush, while its middle notes of apple and ginger evoke a sense of warmth and joy. Finally, its bottom notes of wood create a finishing whisper of exotic allure. Refresh your senses and ignite your spirit with this clean and invigorating fragrance!

• Top Notes: Lime, Orange
• Middle Notes: Apple, Ginger
• Bottom Notes: Wood

• Phthalate Free: Yes
• Soap Use Rate: 6%
• Lotion Use Rate: 2%
• Flashpoint: 200°
• Vanillin: 0%
• Candle Use Rate: 10%

Disclaimer: Names and trademarks of imitated fragrances are the property of their respective owners. These holders are in no way affiliated with Nurture Soap® Inc. Nurture Soap® Inc. uses these names for descriptive purposes only. These names and trademarks are not to be confused with the original fragrance, product, or brand.

Prop 65: This product is not on the CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals.

Tested 6/3/18 in a recipe of 33% lye solution with 7% superfat at 76 degrees. Recipe is 35% olive, 35% organic and sustainable palm, 20% coconut, and 10% castor. Perfect performance. No acceleration.

We experienced no acceleration with this fragrance, but others have reported that it accelerated for them. We suggest trying this fragrance in a small test batch to see how it works with your recipe.

• Acceleration in Cold Process: No
• Discoloration in Cold Process: No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 196 reviews
K.B. (Mound, US)
Riced and Accelerated

I'm so disappointed, this is such a nice, fresh fragrance. The second i added it, it riced (not terribly, but enough that it looked grainy). Desperate to save my design plan, I opted not to try to stick blend it out. My design was ruined anyway because it got thick fast. Instead of the lovely mantra swirl I had planned, I ended up glopping it in. In the end, I got a grainy, weird design soap. But it smells great. I was soaping at 85 degrees and my recipe is about 60% hard oils counting palm and coconut. Giving it 3 stars because it does smell nice and would be great for another application.

E. (Minneapolis, US)

This smells SO good! It’s got a strong scent throw in CP soap, but isn’t overpowering. It just smells refreshing and zesty and clean. I didn’t experience any acceleration or ricing at all, though I added my fragrance right before my pour and just hand blended it in. 12/10, will definitely buy again.

Doris Strauss (Ramat Gan, IL)
Ginger and lime FO

This is a wonderful scent, gentle and mostly lemony. I love it in my CP soaps and have yet to have a customer that did not like it. I got it first as a tester and have ordered it already twice.

Yvonne Middleton (Charlotte, US)
Ginger & Lime Fragrance Oil

I tried this fragrance in the 4oz bottle the first time. It has become a customer favorite. It has a refreshing scent. I added the Firefly mica and called her Sunshine. It’s a must try.

J.B. (Ann Arbor, US)
Yep, this one rices

Reading the reviews, it seems that a small percentage of customers experienced ricing with this fragrance oil. It riced for me too, but only a very little bit, and also, I was able to stickblend it out very easily, with no acceleration of my batter. So in "easy of use" I would give it 4/5. But for scent, 5/5! This one just smells HAPPY. I wish there was a better word for it, but every single time I pick up one of the bars I made, I smile. Happiness in a bottle? You can't put a price on that. So I will keep this FO around, and probably just use it for solid color bars.

Morgan K. (Saint Albans, US)
Great feedback

I use this soap in a custom recipe for a third party, while I personally don't sell the bars, I have had customers reach out and tell me they love it! Just enough brightness from the lime to carry over and a bit of the grounded deeper scent from the ginger. In my experience, it has been well behaved.


This smells reeeeally good. Using it in a shampoo bar.

J.C. (Livermore, US)

does not smell great out of the bottle.

A.R. (West Jordan, US)
I experienced ricing in CP soap

As soon as this hit the mixture... boom, ricing. Because of that, I had to mix my mix more so not sure if there was acceleration but I would plan for it! As for the scent 5/5!!! I personally love it!

C.L. (Denver, US)
Less lime-y than I was hoping for

OOB this smells amazing and you definitely pick up the lime scents, but in my CP soap the more musky undertones seemed to come out more. This kind of makes it smell a bit florally. It is still nice but I was really hoping to find a strong lime scent and this isn't quite it. I also don't really get the ginger aspect of this at all either OOB or in CP soap.