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Force of Nature Mica Blend


This green is everything. A tangled forest - a treasure. It's bright and wild, deep and mysterious. Unlike any other green we've seen, this color is a fusion of tones to make the perfect shade. No other green can rival it's magnificence and glory.

To see this color in action view our blog post An Epic Story.

This is part of our Epic Color Collection. These colors are custom blended by Nurture Soap to be the brightest and most intense micas available. It's a fusion of mica + pigment that is easy to use and will give amazing results in your soaps. If you've had trouble getting bright colors, try these. They're not normal colors - They're epic!

INCI Mica, polyester 3, titanium dioxide, pigment green 7, chromium oxide green
Micron Size 1-60 microns
FDA approved for Bath Bombs No
FDA approved for External Use No
FDA approved for Eye Area No
FDA approved for Lips No
Use Rate for CP and HP 1-1.5 tsp. per pound
Use Rate for MP .5 tsp. per pound

Customer Reviews

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Great green

If you want a super green color, this mica is exactly what you want.

A very nice green.

I plan on using this color, to pipe green leaves on a garden mothers day soap:)


Beautiful green, it morphed on me initially but after the cure......Bazinga!!! I love it!!! Perfect green for my rainbow soap.

Love this bright green!

I love to have different shades of colors and I was looking for something bright, but not quite neon. Force of Nature is perfect! It's been a great addition to my color collection!


When it comes to this color, I feel like Agnes in "Despicable Me" (yes, I have children!😂) and her fluffy-obsession with unicorns!... IT'S SO GREEEEN!!!! I think I've said it so many times before in various reviews of green micas, but green (ANY shade!) is my absolute most favorite color in the whole wide world, and I own more greens in my mica collection than any other color (followed by pink!). With that being said though, when the Epic Mica Collection was first released (I missed the massive response from fellow crafters, and didn't make it in time to buy the set before it sold out, so I bought each one individually), I asked myself, "Do I REALLY need another green?", and my "self" responded, "Yes! Yes you do!" (she's a smart cookie, that one! LOL)! Force of Nature Mica Pigment is my "spirit green"!!! I LOOOOVVVEEE this color... It makes my soul happy! This is the richest, most highly-pigmented green EVER- like as in the history of green micas everywhere "ever"! It disperses so smoothly and easily, and is absolutely INCREDIBLE in CP! It's one of the most confident greens I've ever worked with and stays intensely confident in its "greenness" in application! Some green micas can turn a little murky when first incorporated in soap batter, and then go back to their original beauty once saponification is complete, but Force of Nature remains just as true in CP; from jar to carrier oil, carrier oil to soap batter, soap batter to finished soap! Despite currently owning every single green mica Nurture Soap carries, THIS green isn't quite like any other! I won't ever be without it!

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