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    Crisp Juniper FO/EO Blend

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    Product description

    Discover the invigorating scent of Crisp Juniper Fragrance Oil! Perfect for creating an atmosphere of freshness and renewal, this oil features a tantalizing blend of top notes juniper berries, middle notes lemon and lime, and bottom notes lavender and rosemary. Enjoy this uplifting and inspiring fragrance! Compare to Lush® brand Jumping Juniper™

    Fragrance Information

    📁 SDS

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    📁 IFRA 50

    • Top Notes: Juniper Berries
    • Middle Notes: Lemon, Lime
    • Bottom Notes: Lavender, Rosemary

    • Phthalate Free: Yes
    • Soap Use Rate: 5.76%
    • Lotion Use Rate: 2%
    • Flashpoint: 153°
    • Vanillin: 0%
    • Candle Use Rate: 10%

    Disclaimer: Names and trademarks of imitated fragrances are the property of their respective owners. These holders are in no way affiliated with Nurture Soap® LLC. Nurture Soap® LLC. uses these names for descriptive purposes only. These names and trademarks are not to be confused with the original fragrance, product, or brand.

    Prop 65: This product is not on the CA Prop 65 list of toxic chemicals.

    Testing Notes

    New Lotion Safe Formula: Tested 3/30/2020 with the Nurture Soap Making Blend in a 33% lye solution with 5% superfat at 76 degrees. Soaped wonderfully. No acceleration or discoloration.

    Old Formula: Tested 6/28/18 in a recipe of 33% lye solution with 5% superfat at 75 degrees. Recipe is 35% olive, 35% organic and sustainable palm, 20% coconut, and 10% castor. No acceleration. Soaped perfectly.

    • Acceleration in Cold Process: No
    • Discoloration in Cold Process: No

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 258 reviews

    One of the best winter time scents I’ve ever used

    Deb Walters (Boston, US)
    My favorite

    I love this scent, and use it every year at Christmas! It is one of my favorites of all your fragrances

    W.U.B.S. (Orange Park, US)
    Weak in the finished bar

    I absolutely loved this scent OOB. Its more lemon, I was OK with that, but light and fresh and more of an earthy lemon. Perfect scent. Soaped really well in CP no problems with discolor or acceleration etc. The only problem is the scent just didnt stick. It was light to begin with after pouring and the scent got lighter as it cured. bars are hardly scented at all. I used at a 4% so may stick better if I bump up to 5%, but with the cost of materials rising, I was hoping to still get a good scent with a bit less.

    T. (Coudersport, US)
    Not like I was expecting....but not terrible.

    If you are expecting something like Juniper Breeze (the old scent from BB) do not get this. It is VERY LIGHT on the juniper. Most of the scent is citrus with just a little whisper of the other notes.
    -That being said, its NOT BAD! It just smells more like a starburst candy mixture or something, its very sweet citrusy and strong!
    I'm sure it will still sell for the holidays!

    Laronda (Sterling Heights, US)
    Love the products

    I love your products! All of your fragrances that I purchase are best sellers at craft shows! Thank you so much.

    Kimberly Tompkins (Potsdam, US)
    Crisp Juniper

    Haven't used this yet, but smells so good OOB!!


    Can't wait to use it. Smells amazing!

    E.M.L. (Aberdeen, US)

    Juniper? Where? All I smell is citrus. WAY not what I was looking for.

    E.M. (Sevierville, US)

    Amazing in CP.

    J.C. (Livermore, US)

    a beautiful scent mixed with some fruit and some floral